shutterstock_121176439If you are even thinking about your life purpose, helping others, service, contribution, your destiny, ‘why am I here?’ etc. then celebrate. You are on the verge of a most significant consciousness shift out of self centeredness to being other conscious and making a difference in the lives of others.

This is a profound time in your life to participate with many others in giving back. I love the metaphor of climbing the ladder. As you climb up a ladder wrung, you reach down and help those under you up a wrung, so you can go to the next step with those you seek to aid.

For you this timing may be a shift from a J.O.B. to your own business, ‘being told what to do’ to being your own boss or from limited reactive thinking to blue sky empowering concepts.

If you have the slightest urge or calling that there is more to your life, then definitely fan the spark so a blazing new light can lead you to a much more fulfilling life of giving back to others.

Some great workable strategies that may interest you are – teach what you most need to learn. Share your secrets or wisdom you have collected over the years. Find your niche of writing, arts, teaching coaching, mediating, leading, collaborating, designing, researching, synthesizing and use it. Share your latest ideas or inventions or processes. You are only limited by your own ideas.

A common aspiration is to find your purpose which leads to helping others find and live their purpose. If this is the case for you, explore this turnkey life purpose workshop that you can facilitate. Higher Awareness offers online facilitation workshop design, delivery, marketing and business training and support.


The Creativity Process

by John Robson on April 28, 2014

The Creativity Process

Over the last 2 weeks we discussed creative ways and reasons for delivering creativity workshops and then we identified the key to creativity. Today lets look at the larger creative process.

  1. The first creativity step is a pre-process step – to get your mindset ready and to create a foundation for generating ideas. First have a clear intention or a clear question. Relax and elevate your consciousness and create an openness to tap into big, meaningful ideas. This is like cultivating the soil and preparing for the seeding
  2. This and the next 2 steps are the 3 step creative process. Edward De Bono calls the next step ‘Provocation’. To provoke, excite or provide input to start the creativity process. To create many inner connections. To use structured, metaphoric, lateral, strategic, intuitive and even random thoughts to start the process. I call it seeding.
  3. Once you seed and provoke ideas, they create an inner tension in your mind and subconscious. An integration and incubation process starts as more inner mental connections and ideas begin to form and start to make sense. This is the germination phase and it has its own incubation time. The bigger the ideas the longer they take to incubate.

  4. Next you start to receive insights as answers illuminate you. You may feel energized as new ideas are sprouting. Make sure you write them all down for the next step.

  5. The last step is a post-process. Once you have lots of insights, you can analyze and assimilate them to bring forth a resolution and completion of the process. It is harvest time.

Using this structure you can co-create great ideas. Hopefully ideas that make a difference in your life and in the world. And hopefully that was one of your intentions to start.

Higher Awareness offers online facilitation workshop design, delivery, marketing and business training and support.


The key to creativity

by John Robson on April 20, 2014

The key to creativity

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” — Albert Einstein

Have you ever tired to brainstorm with yourself for a bunch of great, exciting, high potential ideas and oops! – not much comes. That may be because you do not understand the creative process and the key to creativity. And when you do it will at least triple your creativity.

Our minds love to associate one thing with another. And each association can reveal a few new perspectives and insights and then we get stuck again in very fixed patterns of thinking. So the key is to stimulate our thinking with lots of different SEEDS to open new paths to a new grouping of connections in our brains.

I use this key of seeding my creativity often. For example, when I am waiting by myself in a restaurant, I pose a problem or question and I set an intention that as I look around the room, some object will grabs my attention and lead me to some great answers. Each item that grabs my attention is a metaphor of my problem or need and it gives me 2 to 5 insights.

Here is an example. I have done an exercise with my hundreds of people as I asked them in one minute to list uses of paper clips. The average is 7 or 8 standard uses. I then show them how to seed their creativity. First I look at my watch and can conceive of multiple uses of paper clips related to my watch – as a cleaner, second hand, button pusher, a way to mend the wristband, etc. Then I look at a light bulb and think of three more uses. Presto – 20 plus ideas in one minute. I SEEDED the creativity process by looking around for an item and relating it to paper clips uses.

That is why brainstorming with others can be powerful if done in a structured way. The key is have one idea at a time thrown out be the seed thought for more related insights, instead of everyone just throwing out random ideas.

So next time you want fresh ideas, seed them with metaphoric, ABC, alliteration or random, lateral thinking processes. To see more examples visit

Higher Awareness offers online facilitation workshop design, delivery, marketing and business training and support.


The vase is a delicate container that usually holds something beautiful. Which is why we tend to be very careful not to break it. However on the inside, a vase is also this limiting space that holds its own stagnated and discoloured water and odours.

red-vase-1379357-mTwo separate environments are separated by a delicate ceramic wall.

Like a vase, higher consciousness is only a thin barrier way. We are locked in the stagnating thoughts and conditioned behaviours and tend to limit our consciousness with what we already know. We don’t go beyond our comfort zones, limitations, suffering and darkness or make an effort to break through the walls into the bright, infinite space.

We each make our vase as large as we can comfortably handle life, minimally expanding space for our limiting, patterned, mostly unconscious  minds. If we open up our minds and have the courage to breakthrough our comfortable patterns, we can usher in a new way of thinking and in turn we get to experience new way of living.

You were never separated from all the possible beauty life has to offer, if you choose to break through your limited thinking. It all starts with just a small crack that grows to let in new insights, peace of mind, and joy.


Creativity Workshop Facilitation Training

by John Robson on April 13, 2014

Creativity Workshop Facilitation Training

I once took WOW! – a Workshop on Workshops! You would think it would be an excellent workshop as they demonstrated many great techniques and tips – and it was great.

So I though if I was to do a description of a creativity workshop – I should therefore be really creative. So here it goes.

There is one fundamental key to creativity that I used throughout this blog – see if you can figure out what it is.

An ABC Poem — Answers Brainstormed Creatively and Daily, Evolve From Greatness. Humorous Ideas and Jokes Kreate Limitless Mind maps. Negatives, Opposites and Possibilities Quickly Reflect Shades of Truth. Uncover Viewpoints Which eXpand Your Zone.

Alliteration – Find fun, freshness and freedom facilitating the facing of fears and frustrations, finding their future, and feeling the fire and flow of life.

5 Whys – Why would I facilitate a creativity workshop? – to share ideas, to have fun, to help others, to create the best solutions for anyone’s problems, to reinvent oneself and others, to create million dollar ideas, to help others succeed, to synergistically co-create superior ideas, to make a difference in everyone’s lives and the world.

Criteria for my future perfect workshop – Available to everyone, immediately, anywhere, at anytime, right now, perfectly, with the highest quality, measurable results and the best win/win, think tank techniques that hurt no one, offered with love and with little effort on my part, serving the highest benefit of all concerned with no inventory, no overhead and having lots of fun, calling my own shots with good back-end products, offering a residual income to expand my service to more people more deeply.

Metaphors – a glass of champagne – sparkly, bubbly, fun, relaxing, celebratory, connecting with others, enlightening, cool, refreshing, hic! more fun…

That sounds like a great way to have fun and have a creativity training business.

What do you think the fundamental key is to creativity? I will share it in 3 days or after I get 10 guesses in comments below.

Higher Awareness offers online facilitation workshop design, delivery, marketing and business training and support.

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Anyone who has ever baked bread from scratch will know that it requires a high level of patience and care to be able to perfect a beautiful looking and tasting bread.

bread-1426350-m[1]For those that haven’t tried it yet, here’s a simplified version. Basically you need an exact amount of ingredients and mix them together. As soon as everything is mixed, the next step is to knead the dough. After which, you need to set it aside and allow the dough to rise (this can take hours!). In between those hours, you need to fine tune the dough which means you may have to knead and then set it aside again. And once you have a perfectly risen dough, you pop it into an oven till you get a perfect brown loaf.

Sure, it may seem a lot of work and you may find yourself asking is it worth it? Well, when you bite into that warm, aromatic, soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, perfectly baked bread all the effort is worth it. (Mmmm, I can smell and taste it already!)

Like making bread, higher consciousness does not manifest overnight. You will have to work with basic ingredients in a certain way so they integrate and rise. This may test your patience as  you put in more repetitive effort of massaging, warming and reworking the raw materials ( and even taste testing). In the end though, the basic ingredients transform into something blissful and beautiful; everything will be worth it.

Are you ready to knead your life into the way you really want it? Join us in Higher Awareness and we’ll be more than happy to show you how to raise your consciousness!


An iceberg, when floating in the ocean may look like a small mass of ice. However, when you look at what’s underneath you’ll be surprised at how massive it can be. There you’ll realize, not everything is what it seems. The tip is just a small part of something more majestic if we only take a moment to really look deeper.

iceberg-696224-mJust like an iceberg, our consciousness has several levels of depth for us to discover. If we only allow ourselves to go deeper and understand these levels, we’ll be able to see the bigger picture. We’ll be able to see the power and potential we have that can ultimately help us to understand ourselves more fully.

Like an iceberg, the life we know is just a thin layer of events that cover a deeper reality. Most of what is important in life is hidden. It is alive, moving and evolving. And like an iceberg, it is very impactful.

Are you ready to dive deeper and unravel new levels of consciousness? If you are, Higher Awareness will be more than happy to guide you every step of the way – from getting self-control, knowing and healing yourself, and expanding towards authenticity and purpose. You just have to say ‘YES!’ to life!


Journal Writing Facilitation Training

by John Robson on March 30, 2014

Journal Writing Facilitation Training

Do you love journal writing?
Do you want to show others how it can change their lives?

Of all the workshops I have offered, journal writing has provided the most insights and learning for attendees. Most participants deeply connect with themselves more than they ever have in the past and they do it on their own and their self-reliance skyrockets.

Also my most profound spiritual experiences have happened in small journaling groups where everyone is connecting with and writing about their inner truth.

That is why I enjoy offering a journaling facilitation training program – with or without certification. That is why I created some of my own journaling tools and wrote a book called “Journaling for Self Empowerment” which has 50 journaling tools and multiple ways to apply them.

Here are more reasons why I train journaling facilitators:

  • Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for people to go inside and draw out their own inner wisdom. It takes the focus off the instructor and outside world and makes the focus on themselves and their perceptions.
  • The workshops are easy to do as it is about the attendees doing their inner work.
  • There is a large interest in how to get the most out of journal or diary writing.
  • Journaling has so many benefits it is easier to promote to others.
  • There is a good repeat business and referrals because journaling works and touches almost all people deeply.
  • It can be applied to any personal development theme or topic such as creativity, life purpose, writing your life story, healing, spiritual growth and many more niches.

Whether you want to just support small groups or make a part or full time income in multiple ways consider Facilitating Journaling Workshops at Higher Awareness. It is one of our 3 turnkey workshops with all the speaker notes, handouts and promotion materials done for you.

Meet you in Higher Awareness.


just-watching-1044093-mWhen we look at ourselves in the mirror, we get to see ourselves the way others see us. Sometimes we like what we see and there are bad hair days when there are a lot of things we want to change with how we look.

We change because we want to please others or we want to please ourselves. Whatever the reason my be, we are only capable of changing because we have an awareness of what needs changing.

Like a mirror, consciousness reflects back to you who you are. It reflects only what you can perceive. So it goes back to saying that if you don’t like your perception of yourself, you can go inside and change it. It’s a matter of owning that perception then going deep into yourself and knowing what it takes to change it to what you want it to be.

All metaphors are a mirror of who we are. It is a powerful tool to indirectly reveal hidden, unconscious programs and perceptions. The way we do one thing is often how we do everything. Try it yourself. “How is your car and how you drive it similar to how you do life?” Send us your similarities in the comments below.

Watch for more blogs on different metaphors of life, growth and consciousness.


How to Know Yourself

by John Robson on March 23, 2014

Throughout the ages the number one growth step has been and still is “Know Thyself!”. Every life encounter and action is influenced, consciously and mostly unconsciously, by who we are.

how to know yourself

And who are we?

A collage of unconscious patterns, an unknown character full of integrity, a style that is cast in iron, a undiscovered soul that has a clear purpose, unique and underutilized potentials, and a rampant self-centered ego that wants to be right, in control and take credit for everything.

And we tend to be so close to ourselves that it is hard to figure us out. Yet to really know your authentic self, your real self, is not easy and takes some effort and self honesty.

Are you ready for the journey? Because if you do not take that journey, you will be stuck in mediocrity, self sabotage, limitation, illusions, inertia and ignorance. I know these are harsh words, but it is where most people in varying degrees hide out as they do life – or is it life doing them?

So how does one know themselves better? Here are some ways:

  • Asking and truthfully answering penetrating questions.
  • Exercises that draw out unconscious, limiting programming.
  • Understanding and being accountable for concepts of mirroring and projections
  • Changing your perspectives.
  • Ridding your dramas, justifiers, excuses, pet peeves, inner tensions and conflicts, victim hood, limiting beliefs, etc. so you meet and experience your authentic self and even your higher self.
  • Meditating to go deeper.
  • Looking at your present situation in your life which may point to limiting programming.
  • Understand how the universal and natural laws are consistently working through you.
  • Knowing intimately your soul and personality and how they differ and can harmoniously work together.

If you are ready to truly know yourself, the number one task is to rid the filters, defences, patterns and untruths that stop you. For an air balloon to naturally rise, we must first rid the ballast. Start to build an unbreakable, solid foundation of who you truly are so you can grow towards more understanding, meaning, authenticity and purpose.

If this interests you and you want to go deeper and heal what stops you in life, then explore the “How to Know Yourself” workbook at Higher Awareness. Be able to answer “Who am I?” better than any one else you many know. And be able to help others do the same.

Otherwise we stay anchored to the ground, bouncing around as the air balloon’s ballast stops us from rising and experiencing the joy, love, peace of mind and fulfillment available to us.

If you are still not convinced of the value of knowing yourself, take our free journey of the multitude of ways you protect yourself from the real you. Take our free “Life Challenges”

We have supported thousands of seekers to know and grow themselves to new levels. When you are ready to break free of the shackles and more forward, we are always here.

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