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Illusion --> Intellect --> Intuition -
3 Levels of Consciousness

Where are you in the movement of your perceptions?
Print this simple 3 column form and daily write your inspired words, insights or actions into one or more columns. Listen to yourself for guidance and direction and capture your insights in writing so you internalize a bigger, clearer picture for your life.

Until we become conscious of our thoughts and beliefs, we unconsciously perceive and create our lives according to our illusions - what we believe to be true but is not. As we learn to question our mental outlook, our intelligence supports us in discerning what's true. Over time we learn to trust ourselves and life. When we release our need to control and surrender to higher guidance, we open to our intuition.

Here is another 3 Levels of Consciousness: Unawareness --> Self awareness --> Higher awareness

This is a sample of 24 - "three levels of consciousness journeys". 12 are about up-shifting and advancing awareness. The other 12 are about down-shifting consciousness into manifestation. Manifest from new levels, otherwise you will keep creating what you've always created.

For more details and to receive your 24 unique "3 levels of consciousness journeys", click here.



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