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"At HigherAwareness, you'll find the programs, tools, guidance and support, to help you become more aware of your own wisdom and power.
Leading you to a happier and more fulfilling life.
Our sole purpose is to help you experience more joy, awareness, abundance, and success."
-- John & Patrice Robson, Co-Creators, Higher Awareness, Inc.

Patrice & John Robson
Hello Friend,
John and Patrice Robson here. We are the co-creators of HigherAwareness and the "Know Yourself & Grow Yourself" program.
We congratulate you for TAKING ACTION, courageously seeking out the most direct path leading to lasting happiness and life satisfaction.
We all know too many friends and family who openly voice their current lack of life satisfaction. Yet only a few take the steps as you have to embrace change and the rewards that follow.
There was a time when we too wanted and wondered how a better life could be possible. And like you, we asked ourselves many of the same questions that may have entered your mind.
Our acceptance of who we were at the moment...and commitment to understand our true self...steadily brought us inner peace. Wounds healed. And personal growth blossomed.
Looking back, compared to the riches we now feel every day, the challenges we faced were worth the effort to overcome.
We now share an amazing relationship happily co-creating and sharing life-changing programs like you'll find here. We have worked with thousands of them the empowering tools, skills, and confidence to discover their genuine self, a fulfilling life, and their biggest desires.
Please read on about how our programs can launch a new life for you...and how they've brought new hope, meaning and happiness to people committed to a better life - through lasting change.

How to Know Yourself and Reveal the Authentic YOU...

Your HigherAwareness online "Know Yourself" self-discovery program is the perfect starting point for self-development.

As a starting point, the "Know Yourself" program provides the roadmap to self-discovery. And the unbreakable foundation for lasting change - on YOUR terms!

The more you intimately know yourself, the more you grow in character and fulfillment.

Explore yourself in depth, truly know yourself. Put into perspective your subconscious limitations, your character strengths and weaknesses.

Uncover your life's potential, and your deepest desires and aspirations.
From this comes your Strategic Personal Life Plan and your Short Term Action Plan.

From Patrice Robson...
Prior to reaching my mid-40's, I, Patrice Robson, had no dreams or opinions, and lacked a passion for anything - I was a shell around a dark void. I was clueless about who I was...I hid behind titles of wife, mother, and Communications Officer. I just pretended to be real.
Because I had no dreams of my own, I poured all my energy into the dreams of others.
After going through a difficult divorce, in a difficult new relationship and with an unexpected baby, I found myself in crisis. With the support of others and self-exploration, I began to get in touch with my own needs and true self.
It wasn't easy, searching that black void inside for clues about who I am. But the rewards! - I'm not pretending to be real any longer... I'm there!

Your "Know Your Self" program will give you...

  • Insights into your life lessons - what to heal
  • A true sense of your life purpose - what to express and aspire to
  • Enhanced awareness of how personality and soul interact - who you are
  • Your own personal development plan - where you are going

Once you've completed the "Know Your Self" program, you will have built an unbreakable foundation from which you can launch the new and authentic YOU - a golden opportunity to reinvent yourself.

What's Next...?

The Full Spectrum "Know Yourself & Grow Yourself" Life Transformation program.

Embracing this program will launch you on an exciting journey that will last a lifetime

  • Bring to awareness the talents, and gifts you already have. The desires you crave for, and the mastermind to fulfill them. The individual workbooks and email programs are the "key". Each has been carefully designed to reach the core you.

    We call them "workbooks"...Yet completing them will be the most rewarding "work" you ever do.

    And because you're writing about your journey, as opposed to passively reading, you are ACTIVELY participating and creating life-long results in your own personal development plan.

    "The positive thing about writing is that you connect with yourself in the deepest way, and that's heaven. You get a chance to know who you are, to know what you think. You begin to have a relationship with your mind."
    - Natalie Goldberg

  • Live life on YOUR terms. No one but YOU knows how you can best live your life. The personal growth and spiritual growth workbooks ensure that what you discover stems from your true self - not a spouse, parent, boss...YOU.
  • Enjoy deeper understanding, discipline, and clarity. A life transformation that can't be unraveled.

  • You're not alone. We are here for you. Our daily emails will support you as you explore new dimensions of who you are. Your daily "coach" will provide inspirational quotes and tips. Helping you find deeper understanding, discipline, clarity and lasting results.

  • You will instantly have your own personal growth library!As a member, you have full access to everything on the site -- over 251 resources.

  • The Core Program Categories in Recommended order...

    • Know Yourself and Heal Yourself - Rid the blocks that are not the real you.
    • Personal Development Planning: Once you Know Yourself, you can create a plan so the authentic you will naturally expand.
    • Self-Control: Gain peace of mind, added freedom, and greater confidence.
    • Emotional Development: Overcome stress, sadness, and negativity. Turn anxiety into positive energy.
    • Mind Development: Discover deeper understanding, creativity and intuition.
    • Spiritual Development: Cultivate higher awareness and spiritual understanding to support you in handling life authentically, powerfully and compassionately.
    • And much more...

    Warning - The "Know Yourself & Grow Yourself" self-development workbooks are critical and very powerful components of lasting life transformation. The journey will be exciting and richly rewarding.

    Yet as you travel along this adventurous path, you will likely face moments of your past that will be unpleasant, perhaps even painful. But there my friend, if you choose to face those times of distress, you will harness a new strength that you never knew could possibly exist. Your courage will shine. Your confidence will soar.

I can't tell you how much this Program is helping me to sort out many unconscious and involuntary beliefs affecting my life's journey. This Program is like an extractor, painful in the process (I had cried many times while working on the exercises) but has the healing effect. I thank you for this wonderful work of 'Soul'.

~ SH ~

This is one of the most powerful websites I have ever seen. Please continue to help the people of this planet wake up. I believe you are being inspired by spirit. Thank you.

~ CB ~

Start your Journey to Higher Awareness Now

I am finding out things about myself I was always afraid to admit to. Your programs are insightful and they force me to think about things in more detail than I have ever done! Keep up the good work!

~ NH ~
I have only been a member for a short time, but... this is the absolute best value on the Internet today! ... there are folks out there in personal development who do 1/2 as good of a job and charge easily 5x what you charge for a year for one seminar!!! You guys are terrific! Over the last two years I have had to rebuild my entire life, and it has been horribly difficult. I have a wonderful therapist, but that simply is not enough...Your website is an answer to my prayers.

~ KC ~

Your faith and courage led you here. Continue your Inner Journey to a world of spiritual and personal growth...

Take the "Know Yourself & Grow Yourself" journey of a lifetime.
This is your "Full Spectrum" life transformation program.

For only $19 per month

...I love that I can do your programs at my own pace. They are so very easily accessible at any given moment. I have gained so much personal growth and deep spirituality. I'm experiencing so much more meaning and purpose in my life. And finally I now enjoy a much greater degree of peace, love, and abundance than ever before. IT IS SO LIBERATING! Thank you for the great service you are providing!"

~ Josephine Torrijos ~

Become a member of Higher Awareness now... and FEEL the new you and the life YOU DESIRE

At NO RISK this full spectrum self-development membership program includes...

A Total of 12 workbooks - Learn at home, or anywhere you want...and at your own pace.

Higher Awareness workbooks

Each book is a $39 value.

  1. Know Yourself - discover the Authentic YOU
  2. Time Management - make the most of your life
  3. Goal Setting - achieve your highest potential
  4. Tracking Goals - be inspired by each success
  5. Self-Healing - build lasting self-esteem
  6. Write Your Life Story - master 10 easy self-understanding tools
  7. Journaling - connect with your deepest self, enhance awareness
  8. Creativity - maximize your imagination and attract what you desire
  9. Intuition - trust and unleash your own inner wisdom
  10. Grow Yourself - enjoy the moment while you create your future
  11. Life Purpose - live your legacy
  12. Manifesting Abundance - break free of your financial prison

Total Value $468

Throughout your Journey we will guide you with 16 Email Programs (valued at $9 each) all custom fitted to support the uniqueness of each program and keep you inspired and on course.

Total Value $144

Add in 251 valuable personal development resources

100 Intuitive Answer Lists - you'll trigger new thoughts and big ideas
18 one page, one hour worksheets - your life skills sharpen
50 journaling tools - form a relationship with your mind, be at peace
46 quotes - Be inspired, become the unstoppable YOU
37 smart questions sets - your self-trust grows and perspectives expand

Total = 251 FREE resources ensuring you Live Your Highest Self.

Total Value $700

HigherAwareness Full Spectrum Life Transformation Membership...Value $1,312

For only $19 per month

Put Your Life Mission on the FAST TRACK to Lasting Change
You have Nothing to Lose...
and a Lifetime of Happiness to GAIN

Start your Journey to Higher Awareness Now

At no risk - Access the "HigherAwareness" membership program and peruse the entire site. If you decide HigherAwareness is not for you, you can cancel at any time.

At $19 month, assuming membership for a year, your investment in discovering your true self and a happier life is only $.62 cents/day - less than half a cup of bad coffee.

"I am amazed at the depth of your commitment to this work, and moved, touched & inspired by your understanding of our human experience. Thank you so much for assisting me in having and experiencing my Life on a new and more powerful level, and enabling me to be a reflection of Freedom and full expression to others that I meet." -- MJ

Instantly access your own personal development workbooks and online personal growth library.

Allow us to guide you to greater awareness and reach your life's highest potential.

Don't put your highest desires on hold another day. You can cancel at any time.

Best wishes on your life journey,

John and Patrice Robson
Higher Awareness Inc.

P.S. The real value of this incredible full spectrum self-awareness, self-development in what you will achieve by participating and practicing the exercises inside.

All we ask is you do the exercises and please share your successes with us.

P.P.S. Sign up for the "Inner Journey" inspirational messages, tips, and quotes...please enjoy them, they're FREE.

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