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Inner Journey Inspirational Messages - FREE short, daily, inspirational messages. Open to new possibilities.

Free Personality Quiz - Are you more physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually oriented?

Know Yourself Workbooks and Programs - Each with daily support emails.

Grow Yourself Workbooks and Programs - Each with daily support emails.

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Workshop Facilitation Training Course Find your niche, create your own workshop and learn how to facilitate it and promote it as a successful business.

Personal Development Affiliate Program - 30% residual program. We do all the work.

Self Help Books - The Higher Awareness Collection of 18 programs.

Higher Awareness Blog - Keep up to date with new ways of thinking.

About Us - Sharing 50 years of growth with you.

Self Development and Personal Growth Websites - Recommended sites and sites created by John and Patrice Robson



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I have only been a member for a short time, but... this is the absolute best value on the Internet today! ... there are folks out there in personal development who do 1/2 as good of a job and charge easily 5x what you charge for a year for one seminar!!! You guys are terrific! Over the last two years I have had to rebuild my entire life, and it has been horribly difficult. I have a wonderful therapist, but that simply is not enough...Your website is an answer to my prayers.

~ KC ~