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Take The Inner Journey  

Give a Gift of Growth with our 2 for 1 specials!

What could be more thoughtful and empowering
than a gift that supports those we love to open
to more hope, happiness and fresh possibilities for their lives?
Even better, you can grow with them!

Consider giving a gift which will keep on giving... forever

Until December 20nd, you can get two for the price of one with any of the offers below. Buy one for yourself and give one to someone special at no extra cost. You tell us who you want the program to go to and when you want it delivered. We will look after the rest.

  • Journaling for Self-Empowerment e-book - $17: For those who like to write or who show an interest in self-exploration, this complete journaling reference is perfect for guiding an ongoing adventure in self discovery. Journaling effectively releases stress, mental blocks and negative emotions. It offers a direct connection to our own inner wisdom. There’s no better way to find the answers to the questions of our lives, on your own or with a friend. Order here!
  • A 3-month membership to Higher Awareness - $57: So much better than a single book! Give yourself and a special person access to an online personal growth library for 3 months of personal exploration and inspiration. This gift allows you both to pick and choose freely from 20 different growth programs and hundreds of tools and resources. No matter what your need, you’ll find support. Order here!
  • A two-for-one special on an annual membership with Higher Awareness - $149: Make 2011 a landmark year by inviting someone special to partner with you as your growth buddy. Sharing the inner journey with a partner keeps us more committed and engaged. Mutual support leads to mutual success! Make your growth buddy a full Higher Awareness member for one full year at no extra cost. Order here!

Do you know someone who would value support:

  • to manage the chaos, inertia and disorder in their lives?
  • to shift the negativity, boredom and mediocrity that consumes them?
  • to expand their vision for happiness and personal empowerment?

Give from your heart as you bestow keys to unlock the riches of life on those you love.  Order here!

Blessings for an enjoyable, peaceful and meaningful holiday season.

John and Patrice

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