24 Ways to Enhance Awareness and Consciousness

Higher Awareness is just released 24 two step consciousness journeys. These are short phrases using alliteration, rhyming word twists and a meme or infographic, and therefore become more memorable and easier to internally register and share with others.

We participate with consciousness in two ways – experiencing and manifesting or creating. Here are just a few two step processes that we elaborate on – spiritualize and then materialize, Intuit and do it, experience and express, penetrate then radiate, investigate and then discriminate.

It takes much relearning and reprogramming to change old habits, so that we can become more aware of higher perspectives as only then are we open to more universal, ideas, ideals and opportunities.

It is only through daily small changes and shifts in perspective that, when we least expect it, we experience major shifts and results in your life. The change we’ve always dreamed of.

Checkout a few of our 24 simple two step journeys such as be aware, then care.

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