66 ways to re-energize and re-focus yourself

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How often do you feel being down, overwhelmed, lost, angry, fearful, low in energy… and the list goes on. And if you have not felt any of these emotions in the last few weeks, please let us know your secret.

How did your downer time affect your health, self talk, productivity and overall attitude? For some people it is downright disabling.

Sometimes we expect every single day to be clear, productive, inspiring, energetic, loving, creative, guided, etc. And I wish it was true.

But there are natural cycles of balance, giving and receiving, ebb and flow, beginnings and endings, of expressing and rejuvenating.

Daily, that is why we have evenings to relax. Weekly, that is why we have weekends. And even every 20 to 90 minutes we have a need to change physiology and patterns.

So next time you feel down or overwhelmed, know that it may be part of a natural cycle.
So what do you do to rejuvenate, re-motivate, re-focus and re-fuel yourself?

Here is a list of 66 ways to rejuvenate yourself.

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