Almost fooled, again, by ego’s tricks.


I’m glad my short holiday helped me see again through the tricks of my ego. Over the last few months I’ve been creating a new intuition development and life planning program. And the more I got into it the more a self-centered part of me wanted to make it more complex with its own unique approach. I was fortunate enough to have a couple clear dreams that helped me realize there was a different and easier way. A way that is more intuitive, memorable, simpler, meaningful, fun and that would fit the needs of more people.

Again, I realized the importance of taking more breaks, going deeper into my reflections, working more with my intuition, and working from a big picture perspective. I also realized, again, that as I learn more and become more spiritual, aware and intuitive, my ego sneaks in from behind and wants to take the credit and control of my new learnings. It likes being smart, adding its own unique twist as it entangles old learnings in its safe way.

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