What is intuition?

by John Robson on November 5, 2013

shutterstock_130543019Intuition is generally understood as those perceptions that are received apart from the five senses through the sympathetic nervous system. True intuition is spontaneous, direct knowing — we know without knowing how we know. It is our sixth sense or inner guidance system. Some esotericists describe intuition as being messages of truth received from our higher  selves or souls.

How might we identify information that comes through the sympathetic system? This input comes through feeling or knowing, not through thinking. Furthermore, the feelings come as impressions or sensations, which differ from the feelings or our emotions. They are often described by people as gut feelings, hunches, “ah-ha!” flashes of insight. Once you become aware of how intuition comes through for you, you will have access to a reliable source of guidance.

You can use our IntuitiveList of Personal Development Answers and Choices to identify how your intuition tries to get your attention. Get to know how it works for you individually. The items you pick out will have some meaning for you.

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