Changing perspective

Have you ever been lost in a dense, dark forest? Literally, you can’t see the forest for the trees. In overwhelm, we get confused. Well, imagine flying over that forest, being able to see it in its entirety, in the context of its surroundings. When we can find a higher perspective, we gain new clarity and understanding.

When I have to deal with lots of facts or concepts, I write them down and reduce them to a few main points. In this way, I synthesize them. By changing perspective I am able to draw out what’s most important from a myriad of details. Then, to integrate my conclusions, I write a short summary or review.

We bring together lots of information through our journal writing. Reading and reflecting on what we write helps us step back and see the information from a larger perspective. Summarizing it all into a few sentences brings new insights and anchors conclusions more deeply. It’s like magic.

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