Creating from Higher Consciousness

by John Robson on June 13, 2013

Albert Einstein says “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

As creatures of habit, we have limited experiences and responses to life. We often lack the ongoing conscious self-awareness to be open to and experience a higher perspective of what happens in our life.

experience consciousness

Visit our elevating and creating consciousness process for more ideas on experiencing life from a higher perspective. For example, if we become aware from higher perspectives of impersonality, humility, gratitude, love, egolessness, inclusiveness, etc. then there will be a significant shift in our experience and awareness of reality.

And as Einstein insinuates, we must shift our consciousness to a higher level and only from that higher level can we manifest new ideals, ideas, synchronicity’s and results.

Checkout a few of our 24 simple two step journeys to elevate and create consciousness.

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