Discipline, Commitment and Awareness – a winning combination.

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We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Patrice and I were very fortunate to have the World Triathalon Grand Final, 5 blocks away from us in our river valley. It showcased various age group races, as well as an aquathlon, under 23, and junior and mixed relay world championships.

And then the next weekend on the street below us Tour de France heroes and national champion cyclists flew by us as they participated in a 7 day Tour of Alberta.

So we went to the start/finish gates and enjoyed a few days around some of the most physically fit, committed, aware and self disciplined people in the world. It was quite empowering. If they had a contest for a chubby senior at these events, I might have won since almost everyone was very athletic.

For 6 days bicyclists travelled throughout our province. They were very particular about what they ate, and drank, how they slept and how they did warm exercises so they could bike for hours each day. Again the intense discipline needed to be the best.

It was astounding the awareness and concentration they had riding in packs, inches away in all 4 directions as they leveraged the aerodynamics of the rider in front of them.

And then to see the teams from different countries lined up and alternating being the first rider, who has the most wind resistance.

It was a very inspiration and motivational few weekends.

Where in your life do you have the most discipline and commitment? – physically, sports, career, family, food, ideas, spirituality, friendships, etc.

A great way to attain more depth and perfection in life is emulate the discipline and commitment from your best area into another area that needs your support.

For example, my best commitment and discipline is towards my growth, ideas and intuition. I have my own daily practices and tracking systems. Now if I applied this level of commitment and discipline to my physical health and weight, I may be a winner in another area of my life.

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To more commitment and discipline in what is important to you.

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