Experiencing and expressing consciousness

How stuck are you in your robotic reactions, fixed programming, limited thinking, self-sabotaging behaviors, mediocrity and inertia? It is well documented that 95% of what we do think and say is unconscious. We typically react with the same old responses and actions and get the same old results.

experience consciousness

When was the last time you had a fresh thought, a spurt of creativity, a spontaneous reaction or an outburst of belly laughter? Every moment we have an unlimited variety of stimulus that we can react to in an unlimited number of ways. Yet our awareness is often not developed to participate in the unlimited perspectives available to us.

It takes a tremendous amount of new learning, programming and awareness to experience life differently and take our experiences and choices to a new level. And only from this new level can we create new opportunities and results.

Higher Awareness has just released a new consciousness development series with 24 ways to enhance your awareness to experience more of life and manifest new opportunities. See an example at Higher Awareness.

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