Find Your Niche for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect opportunity for us to start anew. It’s the start of the year and somehow it just motivates us to reboot and start all over again. You get to look forward to the year ahead and plan out how you can make it different from the year that was.

And because it’s the time for new beginnings and everyone is in a motivated phase, hopefully you are inclined to pulling out that piece of paper and come up with your own New Year’s Resolution.

Yet, why is it that most people who make resolutions don’t actually end up DOING them? We can come up with a lot of excuses for it, but the bottom line will always be because we don’t connect with ourselves deeply enough.

Resolutions become JUST ideas if we don’t connect and actually internalize them and act on them. Oftentimes it’s also because we reach too high. Resolutions are actually goals, and goals actually have to be realistic and attainable.

Instead of coming up with a complicated list of goals; how about creating a theme or niche for the year? We invite you to find your own niche and connect with it. How do you do it? Well, one way is to just close your eyes for a few minutes and think of just one thing you are passionate about and want to focus on for the year. It can be travel, adventure, yourself, career, fitness, giving back, an invention, sharing, etc.

Once you have your personal niche, post it on your wall or make it your screensaver. And for the rest of the year, think of your niche when you make decisions or activities.

For example if your niche is Fitness then decide to walk to work instead of riding a car, drink 1 glass of wine instead of a whole bottle, drop the cigarette, eat fruits instead of a donut, and so on. It’s that simple! You don’t limit yourself to one specific goal, instead you connect with some key steps in that single niche and work towards achieving just that.

Resolutions or niches are just words. What’s important is that you feel a deep connection with them. I believe that it’s passion that makes one person reach the impossible. Create your own niche, connect with it with passion and the rest will come naturally!

Stay tuned for our new “Find your Passion and Niche in Life’ workbook.

What would you like your niche to be for this year? We’d love to hear about your niches!

Meeting you in Higher Awareness.


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