Freedom comes through self awareness

freedomEvery morning, when you wake up, set an intention to be aware of yourself as you move through this precious time of your life.

Anthony de Mello said, “It is extremely important if you want to wake up to go in for what I call ‘self-observation.’ Be aware of what you’re saying, be aware of what you’re doing, be aware of what you’re thinking, be aware of how you’re acting. Be aware of where you’re coming from, what your motives are. The unaware life is not worth living. The unaware life is a mechanical life. It’s not human, it’s programmed, conditioned.

“You are always a slave to what you are not aware of. When you’re aware of it, you’re free from it. It’s there but you’re not affected by it. You’re not controlled by it; you’re not enslaved by it. That’s the difference.”

To freedom!

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