How to Write Your Memoirs – First Empty Your Head

There is great wisdom waiting for you as you listen to your own quiet inner voices. But first the thunderous, stressful, worrisome, demeaning, habitual, judgmental and reactive thoughts must be tamed. Get the feel of catching thoughts as they come to you and get them onto paper as quickly as you can. Make it an automatic process. If what you write seems like gibberish, that is a very good sign that you are letting go and listening more intently.

Your mind is processing 60,000 thoughts per day. Try the stream of consciousness tool in which you write down every thought, feeling ad sensation that you sense. Whatever comes to mind, dump it on paper.  It will be like a release process. Then there is room for more to come out. Listen more and more closely and write every thought down – no matter what it is. You will soon learn how you think and intuit. The more you empty, the more the bigger picture of life makes sense.

As you empty the mundane, patterned, reactive thinking, your life story makes more sense. This is a great way to write your own life story, short autobiography or memoirs.

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