Learn to recognize the transition zone

“Being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view to a viewing point — a higher, more expansive place, from which you can see both sides.”  — Thomas Crum

Whenever we go through change, we must also go through a transition zone.

It’s not easy being in transition. Thoughts, beliefs and habits are all in flux. It can create a sense of groundlessness, of being in a void that can be quite uncomfortable.

It’s very important to recognize when we are in transition because it helps us persevere until the change is complete. Be aware that you are in an uneasy place and it is okay. Just be with it, absorb it, identify with it, integrate it, let it flow. Don’t react to the confusion and be triggered by past emotions. Know that it is part of the process. In fact, it is a good part of the process because it means that change is coming.

Change requires a letting go and trust that there is a second and third base and that I can make it there. It’s about trusting myself and God and the universal laws to unfold a new reality for
me. It’s knowing that my vision, prayers, visualizations, affirmations and wishes are coming true.

Often the test is right to the eleventh hour, where I must totally give up and let in the new. My life can feel like it’s turned upside down. Everything can seem to be going wrong at the same time. This is a place that calls for surrender and faith. I need to know that my beliefs are being changed at a deep level.

Now, when I sense I am in this fog or transition zone, I work to just be there and identify with it. I step back and watch myself, careful to avoid overreacting to situations. I keep my focus on
the results I want, and I act as though they are already in place. I stay open to opportunity. I’m glad I’ve learned how it feels to be in transition. As I grow and change, there will be more transition periods, and I want to become a master at navigating through the fog into my next vital stage in life.

Pick an area of change in your life that is in process. Go inside and relate to the shifts. Celebrate with them.

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” — Herbert A. Otto

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