Life is a process.

Life is not as much about the destination as it is about process – HOW we do our journey. It is never about the hand of cards we are dealt, but how we play them.

And once we master the process of doing life, we can apply it most anything. We can attain long lasting, positive change in any are of our life we want.

Do you have a process to make good decisions, heal yourself, create your future, find your uniqueness, handle conflicts, create change, build confidence, etc.?

Some of us have well established unconscious processes. We do not stop and pay attention, we have no specific conscious intentions in mind, we just robotically react and then we never look back on our self defeating, robotic pattern.

Some of us (too many) are aware people who are semi-conscious and notice this process happen, but are not informed or disciplined enough to complete all the steps of the process. We do not even know what the steps are and we fall back into the old patterning or we do not go deep enough into the process to create a permanent change or healing.

And ideally we learn the process so well we can apply it unconsciously. Ultimately and ideally your process is to INTUIT and DO IT or to just BE.

The Higher Awareness site has been totally reorganized to support you to:

1. Know yourself at depth

2. Create a personal development plan with reminders to stay on track

3. Grow yourself with appropriate programs and resources that fit your growth needs.

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