Like a vase, we tend to limit our higher consciousness.

The vase is a delicate container that usually holds something beautiful. Which is why we tend to be very careful not to break it. However on the inside, a vase is also this limiting space that holds its own stagnated and discoloured water and odours.

red-vase-1379357-mTwo separate environments are separated by a delicate ceramic wall.

Like a vase, higher consciousness is only a thin barrier way. We are locked in the stagnating thoughts and conditioned behaviours and tend to limit our consciousness with what we already know. We don’t go beyond our comfort zones, limitations, suffering and darkness or make an effort to break through the walls into the bright, infinite space.

We each make our vase as large as we can comfortably handle life, minimally expanding space for our limiting, patterned, mostly unconscious  minds. If we open up our minds and have the courage to breakthrough our comfortable patterns, we can usher in a new way of thinking and in turn we get to experience new way of living.

You were never separated from all the possible beauty life has to offer, if you choose to break through your limited thinking. It all starts with just a small crack that grows to let in new insights, peace of mind, and joy.

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