Magic of workshop facilitating and circles

My top 3 spiritual experiences occurred while I was facilitating small groups.

  1. All 9 attendees were immersed in a journaling exercise. I was holding the space for them as each of them were deeply into writing. I then had my first out of body experience. I was floating above them and their souls and lives were instantly known to me. I freaked and then was back in my body. I shared this with a few other facilitators and one of them had a similar experience.
  2. Another time was similar, but I became the space that each participant was experiencing. Again it was an all knowing experience that all was okay and perfect as it was and I stayed with it for many seconds. It was pure bliss and peace.
  3. Another time it was the participant’s that had eerie experience. Again it was a deep journaling exercise and each of them had their own enlightening experience. When asked to share, they each sat there in awe – just basking in the energy. Someone later asked what music I was playing, but I know it was more than the music.
    I wish this for all facilitators and students to experience. From my experience, it usually occurs near the end of a writing workshop. It often requires a safe, relaxing, quiet space and sometimes I use a short meditation to set the stage. And most of all it occurs when you are totally other conscious with no self centeredness and you are totally in the present moment.

Lately I have had good experiences in formal circles and Master Mind Groups. As a reference you may want to refer to Christina Baldwin’s “Calling of the Circle” and Robin Deen Carnes & Sally Craig’s “Sacred Circles” for great concepts and techniques for facilitating a circle or a workshop.

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To deeper insights and experiences to you all.

Meet you in Higher Awareness.

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