One of the best ways to find and experience your passion is …

But first, ‘How clear are you about your purpose, passion and potentials?’

Have you ever experienced the enthusiasm, knowingness, love and power when you are in the flow of your purpose and passion? It is what makes life truly exciting, empowering and meaningful instead of putting up with old patterns of mediocrity, boredom and superficial experiences.

Today life is unfolding quickly and many of us would like time to participate more and get more out of life. To be alive, confident, energetic, flowing and to have more meaning in our lives. To unleash our unique gifts within us that are calling to be shared with the world.

It is well documented that our best experiences in life come when we are giving, sharing, expressing, creating, teaching, coaching, building, serving, etc. And this is in alignment with a universal law of the balance of giving and receiving – We have to give to get. We reap what we sow.

To experience passion we must be involved IN it instead of OUTSIDE of it looking in. It is in the immersion, being and knowingness that your passion is most powerful than just knowing ‘about’ or talking about it.

There is a way to free yourself from scratching the surface and being locked within your comfort zone.

And you do not have a be a great public speaker, author or presenter.

Just sharing your message informally around a table or in your living room or in a short booklet offer lots of opportunity to express your unique gifts and wisdom as you help others grow and learn. And as you create opportunities for inner learning and sharing you will feel your passion and energy as your participants experience their shifts, insights, learning and empowerment.

I have talked to many facilitators and most of them stated that their best spiritual experiences occur while facilitating groups. My 3 most profound life experiences have been while small groups have been immersed in their own inner journey.

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