Say ‘Yes!’ To Life

“Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.”
~ Wayne Dyer ~

I (Patrice) am studying with Jeddah Mali. Honestly, every week when I listen to her presentations and explore my own experience through her guided meditations, I am in awe of the light she is shining on my existence. Today I want to share with you this precious little gem from Jeddah’s ‘Saying yes to life’ meditation in her Pathways series:

“Treat your body to a warm open ‘yes,’ even if you don’t know what you’re saying ‘yes’ to. Simply welcome this moment as it is. Notice the sense of completeness, wholeness, contentment that comes.”

“We can feel content for no reason, just simply because we allowed ourselves to be content. In this way, we unhook ourselves from the mind, from its insistence upon reason: you must have a good reason to feel content. Who says?

“We can welcome contentment at any time. It is not dependent upon sorting out messes, taking care of business. Contentment is not when all of those little bits have been attended to and this is the prize. If that is the process we are working under, then contentment will always stay beyond our reach because the mind will bring up the next thing to solve, the next quandary to ponder. And when we feel that when we get this done, then [we’ll feel content] — it’s always in the future.

“But a simple little ‘yes’ says I welcome contentment into this moment right now. I don’t have a reason; I don’t need a reason. Reasons belong to the mind; contentment belongs to the soul.”

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