Where Am I Going?

What is my destiny? This question connects us to our life purpose.

It is more than just having a direction. It is about one’s place in the universe. It is the journey of finding that place and being there and living fully whatever that place is. It is your own unique place that nobody else has, had, or will have.

Individual purpose is unique to individuals. You have a purpose that is unique to you because you are unique. If you have no sense of your uniqueness, chances are you will have difficulty knowing your life purpose. To know where you are going is, first of all, to know what your individual purpose is. Your life purpose is not found in the personality, but is deeply rooted in your essence, the soul within. Knowing yourself as a soul being is therefore essential to discovering your highest purpose.

Fulfilling your purpose is all about expressing your soul nature. And when you do this, you are fulfilling need – your own deepest needs and the needs of those around you. In fact, the focus is not on your personal needs, but on those of others. In responding from your soul you will have your own deeper needs fulfilled.

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