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Appreciation – the key to wealth

 “Every time you appreciate something, every time you praise something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the universe: ‘More of this, please.’”
-- Abraham/Esther Hicks

In healing and growth processes, the last step is most often appreciation, gratitude, giving thanks. Appreciation is so powerful, though, it might just as well be the first step.

What makes appreciation so powerful?

Appreciation is an expression of respect, value and, most importantly, love. When we’re in appreciation, we’re not in resistance. We’re embracing, not pushing away. It’s a heart experience that lifts our mood, each and every time. And this opens us to abundance.

Open to opportunities to appreciate your life more fully by reflecting on these progressions:

  • appreciating things.
  • appreciating others.
  • appreciating your self and your innate self-worth.
  • appreciating the details and process of life – that everything happens for a reason.
  • appreciating that you are raising your consciousness and aligning with the essence of universal energies like peace, joy, love and wisdom.
  • appreciating that you are an integral part of the oneness of life.

At what levels do you truly feel and express your appreciation? How involved are you with the more universal and love aspects of life?

Build the appreciation habit by intentionally focusing on aspects around you that you find pleasing. If they’re not clearly evident, use your imagination to find them anyway!

With appreciation for you, our readers,
John & Patrice

“The more you sincerely appreciate life from the heart, the more the magnetic energy of appreciation attracts fulfilling life experiences to you, both personally and professionally.”
-- Doc Childre and Sara Paddision

“Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.”
-- Estonian proverb

A Reminder
Quarterly/Yearly Re-Treat Yourself Process
– Seek solitude to relax and reconnect with your big picture.

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