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Happiness as a Choice

 “The most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy.”
-- Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams

We have a treat for you! Today we’re sharing one of Andrew Schneider’s ‘Soul Perspectives.’ We hope you find his words as enlightening as we do. ~ John and Patrice

Happiness is only to be found in the present moment. Yet, as we grow up we often learn there is much to fear in the present. We then cut ourselves off from the treasure that only exists now. We need to learn how to juggle considerations of the past and future with being in the present, which is the only place that happiness can be experienced.

Every experience of past or future takes us out of ourselves into events and possibilities, into time and limitation. It is only in the present where the sacredness of life can be experienced. In the now we go inward to the eternal self that we are, and from that state we experience freedom from time and limitation.

The potential for joy or happiness is a constant within ourselves. We take it everywhere. But we are deluded if we think that others or situations must activate it for us to experience it. We are the only ones capable of activating it, and we can do so whenever we choose. If we prefer fear or worry or conditioning over happiness then we will implicitly choose not to activate it.

What we focus on becomes familiar, and what is familiar becomes our standard for what is real. The news media portray the world as a place in which disasters occur all the time and we have much to fear from our fellow human beings. Psychology too often teaches us that human beings are not meant to be joyful but are essentially neurotic or ill creatures. Religion frequently emphasizes the evil side of life and human sinfulness.

Is this your world? Is this what controls your thinking and actions? Or can you rise above these perceptions that are portrayed by unhappy, fearful people? Can you accept that you are created whole and can experience happiness despite the circumstances in which you find yourself? Can you choose the freedom to be your own authentic self with a mission of love to act out through relationships?

As soul beings we are free, happy and at peace. None of these states depend upon external realities. They are part of our nature. Experiencing ourselves as such is a choice we can make every moment that we are conscious.

When Michelangelo was asked how he creates such beautiful sculptures he replied: “The beauty is already there… I do not create beauty; God creates beauty. I merely chip away the surrounding marble so as to reveal the beauty. The beauty is already within. It is already perfectly in place.”

And so it is within you and within everyone! This is the foundation of happiness.

~ Andrew Schneider

Andrew offers his bi-weekly ‘Soul Perspectives’ free of charge. To subscribe, please visit The Soul Journey

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
-- Denis Waitley

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