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The ‘A’ of Consciousness

“Consciousness is not just some by-product of the human brain mass. Consciousness is all pervasive. It is in everything and is everywhere. Your individual human consciousness exists within and is a part of a universal consciousness.” -- Delfin Knowledge System

How can we grasp the different levels of consciousness and how they affect us?


The letter ‘A’ offers us a beautiful model. Here’s our understanding of the different levels of consciousness and how they interact.


Imagine or draw a large capital ‘A’ on the top half of a sheet of paper. Stretch the 2 legs of the ‘A’ to the bottom of the page.


1. Put a dot on the top point of the ‘A’ and label it CONSCIOUS mind. This tiny dot represents all that we are consciously aware of.


2. Label the area between the top point and the cross bar in the ‘A’ as SUBCONSCIOUS.

The subconscious holds a record of all we have experienced throughout our life. This includes all programmed habits, beliefs (cultural, religious, self, etc.), repressed emotions, defences, illusions, cravings and unresolved issues of family and the past. These influences lie dormant in the subconscious until conditions are right for them to surface and express in our conscious life for attention and healing.


3. Label the large area below the cross bar in the ‘A’ as SUPERCONSCIOUS. This represents God, intuition, our soul potentials, purpose and destiny, pre-manifestation energies, mass consciousness, archetypes, natural laws, astrological influences, etc. These superconscious forces are many times (possibly infinitely) larger than the subconscious mind.


Note that everything from the superconscious must pass through the subconscious before they reach our conscious minds. As they pass through, they are tainted by the contents of the subconscious.


That’s why we want to clear the subconscious mind of limiting programs so we can directly experience higher realities without distortion. There’s huge benefit to healing wounds of the past as they make themselves known to us in the present.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear … as it is, infinite.”

--William Blake

“Utilizing your conscious mind to direct the subconscious mind to enter into communication and harmony with the universal mind is the secret of personal power.” -- Delfin Knowledge System

Subconscious Influences - What influence who we are?

Social Influences - Do you think or are you being thought?


A Reminder

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