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“Turning points announce themselves through a variety of vague symptoms: deep restlessness, a yearning with no name, inexplicable boredom, the feeling of being stuck. ”
~ Gloria Karpinski ~

Hi everyone,

Are you at a turning point? How are you going to make something happen so you can benefit from it?

If we are willing to stop and pay attention to our own experience, we begin to know our habits, desires and needs more clearly. Then magic happens: we become aware of doors of support and opportunity opening before us. Actually, those doors of support and opportunity have always been there, but until we focus on the quality of our own lives, we never see them.

At Higher Awareness, we seek to guide you in personal exploration so you will not only see those doors, you will walk through them into more of who you are. We want to help you sense and activate new potentials within you.

Any of our programs will help you:

  • understand and navigate through the change process,
  • find meaning and purpose in life experiences,
  • release habits of unworthiness, guilt and ego control,
  • make new brain connections, learn new habits and skills, and
  • navigate life's series of peaks and valleys, challenges and pleasures

so you can experience and revel in your own growth. Life can be so much better!

We are not talking about an overnight or even a one year plan. Our lives are a continual 'work in progress.' If we want to reap maximum benefit from our time on Earth, we need to commit to life long learning. Change comes from consistency of attention. Integration of little steps over time dramatically shifts our experience.

Recently, we shared a 3 step formula for doing life NOW: Experience, Expand, Express. Here is a bigger picture plan to grow HIGHER:

Now is the time for you to commit to experiencing more happiness and fulfillment in your life. There is so much support available for you to change whatever brings you down. We would dearly love to help you do that!

John and Patrice

"A life without change is not a life; it is a stagnant pool.”
~ Alan Cohen ~

"I can change. I can live out my imagination instead of my memory. I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past.”
~ Stephen Covey ~

A Reminder
Weekly Re-Treat Yourself Process – Take time to focus on goals, balance and peace of mind.

John & Patrice Robson
John & Patrice
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