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Using money to manifest love

 “It’s essential for us to learn the ways of love and then shape them into an intelligent format for basic living.”
– Doc Childre

You may be saying, “Money to manifest love? You must be kidding!” But we’re not.

Think about this. The essence of soul is love and love is the energy of connection. Andrew Schneider tells us that from a spiritual perspective, money is a symbol of connection. So guess what! Money has soul and it can be a powerful tool for manifesting love in relationships. Money and relationships are about attraction, giving and creativity.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the need to create a new vision and new realities around money and economy for this planet. What might this new economy look like if we use money intelligently to manifest love?

The universal Law of Economy says that abundance in the universe will meet every need. Yet today’s global business model is based on a perception of lack: There’s not enough to go around and so I have to compete with you to get what I need. Rooted in fear, this fosters a drive to ‘get my share’ and this can show up as greed.

When we acknowledge and own the abundance we see everywhere in the natural world, we discover we’re safe. Life will look after us if we allow it. Feeling safe, we can let go of competition in favour of cooperation. We can share and support each other in being successful. This helps us build a better world for everyone, not just ourselves.

Here’s the shift, in a nutshell:

Old Economy New Economy
perceptions of limitation and lack belief in abundance and plenty
personal wealth having the financial means to serve others by meeting their needs
competition cooperation, collaboration
vertical structure of relationships horizontal structure/community
building a better house for the individual/business building a better world for everyone
greed sharing

Universal energies now support us in putting this new economic order into place. That’s why our old economic structures are collapsing. How can we best align with this new vision, this new energy?

Explore your money consciousness in our Money and Abundance workbook.

Let’s build a better world for everyone together.

John and Patrice

“You follow the spiritual laws of money when you do your life’s work and honor and serve the higher good of others. You follow the spiritual laws when you cooperate rather than compete with others, making every energy and money exchange a winning situation for everyone involved. You follow the spiritual laws of money when the way you make, spend, or invest money does not harm the earth.”
– Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

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