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Money woes? Take the first step to prosperity!

“If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.”
-- Francis Bacon

A few years back, I (Patrice) was fed up with always feeling short of money. I wasn’t starving but I wasn’t attracting wealth either. I resolved to turn my financial situation around. And so I looked to the experts. The first step, they said, is to build a foundation of good financial habits, tools and skills.

Does this sound intimidating? Don’t despair – it really isn’t.

My first step was to look clearly at the reality of my financial situation. I’m talking specific numbers here. How much was I earning? How much was I spending and on what?

I had to start really paying attention to how money was moving through my life. To my surprise, I felt empowered as I began to see the facts. Knowing the facts, I knew what needed to be done. I began to take charge, and I’ve never looked back.

I documented my journey to prosperity in our Money & Abundance workbook. The steps I’m talking about here are listed in the first section on Managing Money. If you’ve had enough of wrestling with financial shortages, please have a look.

We can muddle along through our entire lives without any particular financial strategy. But lack of financial stability takes a huge toll on the quality of our lives. Our finances worry and stress us, erode our health and joy, and drain the energy that could be applied much more constructively to other avenues in life.

Through exploring my relationship with money, my life has truly become rich—in a multitude of different ways!

“Money is a highly charged subject. And most of the emotions people feel around it are negative: fear, shame, embarrassment, anger.”
-- Jerrold Mundis

“As you manage your money, you manage your life.”
-- Dan Millman

Money & Abundance Workbook - Want to move beyond indebtedness and insecurity? Want more abundance and security?
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Self-worth Questions - How does your self-worth relate to your net-worth?

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