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How do we raise our awareness and consciousness?

“It takes courage to come to this space of awakening because for many it is letting go of what you have learnt. It is not learning more, it is un-learning to come back to the Source within.”
-- Story Waters

Hi everyone,

Humanity is moving into a new level of consciousness that allows us to directly experience essential aspects of divinity. We no longer need to meditate in seclusion in caves for years to attain this level of realization. What a blessing this is!

What's more, we receive blessings on the journey to oneness from the moment we intentionally take our first step. As our consciousness expands, life unfolds with greater meaning and light.

So what are the steps to raise our consciousness? They are really quite simple:

  1. Stop and pay attention! Bring yourself fully into the present moment by focusing on your breathing or your heart.
  2. Notice whatever sensations are there and allow them to be there. If you would label your sensation as negative, then know you are holding a belief that is out of alignment with your true nature.
  3. Consciously choose to experience a higher quality. For example, if you are feeling stressed, you might set an intention to experience peace.
  4. Staying focused in the present, open to experience the peace you have just called up. It's there! Trust this.

Understanding consciousness enables us to break free of habitual patterns of thinking and feeling to experience higher aspects of ourselves. We don't have to create qualities like peace, love and harmony. They are already resident in our beings, aspects of our essential, eternal nature. We have only to open to experience them.

The more you can relax in beingness and stay focused in the present, the more your tensions will move and integrate to an expanded viewpoint. This is a fundamental law. The parts move towards wholeness. The tensions naturally move towards healing. Our human nature naturally evolves as we co-create new consciousness.

We can be conscious only in the present moment because this is the only time that exists. If we are reflecting on either the past or the future, we are caught in mental circuits created from ego and old programming. And itís faulty mental beliefs that trigger those powerful emotions we find so challenging.

If you find yourself trapped in the turbulence of emotions or busyness of the monkey mind, create space for yourself. STOP what youíre doing for just one minute and BE FULLY PRESENT. Simply experience your sensations. Listen. Feel. Perceive and observe. No resistance or judging. Even if you don't choose a higher quality to move into, your conscious focus will raise your frequency.

And when we raise that frequency, attain a new insight or find a state of balance, serenity and openness, you will be ready for next week's message of how to manifest and create your new insight or feeling.

Most emotions are invitations to clear the subconscious. All upsets arise at the right time for the right reason accompanied by the right opportunities for closure, healing and integration. So when emotional and mental stuff arises, handle it - now.

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John and Patrice

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.”
-- Henry David Thoreau

“Coming into the Now, fully present in the body, we are regenerated by an inner energy and develop heightened intuition. This work heals our over-taxed nervous systems, and allows us to develop profound sensitivity without being overwhelmed. It is in the mysterious depths of our own embodiment that we regain contact with our natural intelligence.”
-- Richard Moss


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