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Four Revealing Soul Questions

"What am I here to learn? Until you know that life is interesting, and find it so, you haven't found your soul."
-- Geoffrey F. Fisher

Hi everyone,

Those of us who invest in our personal growth will discover that over time, we gradually shift from our ego's self centered, protective, controlling focus to being more loving and other-conscious.

This paradigm shift unfolds as we gradually release the deeply engrained patterns of thinking and behaviour from our childhood that still run our lives.

We can intentionally loosen and reprogram these limiting patterns by consistently giving attention to who we really are by opening to receive guidance from our souls.

Here is a powerful exercise that, done repeatedly, will create a new inner tension that seeks its own higher resolution. This has the power to open doors of understanding and experience beyond your current imagination.

In your journal or on a blank page, create 4 quadrants and write one of the following questions at the top of each quadrant.

Who am I?
What am I here to learn?
What gives me meaning?
How am I to serve?

To support you in answering "What am I here to learn?" consider why you have had the life you have in these times with your specific parents and family members, in the country or countries you have lived in, with the experiences you have had. What are you being groomed for?

Remember that soul focuses on qualities, not tasks. Your journey may be to shift fear into trust, conflict into mediation and peace, or greed into gratitude.

By asking deep questions and then relaxing, trusting, opening and listening, we allow messages from our higher self to come through. The more we apply this process, the more we learn to trust that our soul truly provides higher guidance.

Let me know at if you get any insights.


“We don't nourish our soul. Our soul nourishes us.... Our challenge as human beings is to open ourselves to receive this nourishment - to rekindle our connection with our spirit, the spirit that is always there waiting to nurture, heal, and direct our lives.”
-- Jack Canfield


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