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"The Inner Journey" is powerful series of quotes and daily inspirational messages that will trigger new perspectives, and challenge any self-restraining belief. The quotes and messages quickly become an inspiring bright spot on any given day. Yet it's You that's left Shining.

Think about your goals, the life you desire, and the self-acceptance you deserve.

Ask yourself, "Why am I not yet enjoying the life I want?"
Then tell yourself, "Enough is Enough"

Allow Yourself the Gift of Inspirational Messages and Wisdom... and let Your Next Step Launch You Over the limiting thoughts of others... and toward an Unstoppable YOU.

...Also, Enjoy the Reaction of Others when they observe the confident new you. Your Heightened Awareness and Inner Peace will no doubt leave some folks wondering what your secret is.

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"Want you to know just how much I appreciate and enjoy the Inner Journey emails I receive. They help me in getting to know 'me', and widen my perspective and enrich my journey. Thank you so much." -- JE

"Your beautiful newsletter reminds of the movie Pay It Forward. What a great thing to share with the world." -- MT

"Thank you for making the Inspirational Quotes short yet powerful. They are exactly what I need to start the day."
 -- TM

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John Robson
John Robson Higher Awareness Inc.
Edmonton, AB Canada

P.S. "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

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