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You are Manifesting 100% Perfectly Right Now
Time to know WHY and HOW you create your stuff!

Receive details on each way of manifesting and
which ones you use and which ones work better.

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There are basically 5 ways we manifest.
Learn how to master each level
rid the blocks at each level.
Finally, you can create the person you were meant to be.

5 Ways we Manifest:

  1. Unconsciously - through instincts, limiting beliefs, and conditioning that transmit and filter 24/7
  2. Conscious Force (Ego) - our little, self-centered, controlling ego AND faulty Reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind
  3. Personality, Style, Character and Values - our talents, gifts and how we DO life.
  4. Soul - your loving, healing, purposeful, intuitive, unique higher self and how we BE in life.
  5. Spirit - God, Universal Mind, The Oneness, Source, Infinite Wisdom, etc.

Time to stop spinning your wheels. Time to finally rid old self-sabotaging routines and conditioning.
What levels of manifesting are working and not working for you right now?

Ask yourself, "Why am I not yet enjoying the life I want?"
Then tell yourself, "Enough is Enough"

We are our own worst enemies. Finally, learn how to ALIGN all 5 manifesting methods.

Receive a Manifesting Cheat Sheet, Work Sheet, and Tracking Sheet - All-on-one-age.


What is working and what is not working in your life?
Finally, understand how to make sense of your life and how you fit in. 

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John Robson
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P.S. "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

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