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Universal Laws

Downshift supreme, Universal knowledge to make sense of your life

universal lawsUniversal Laws- Experiencing disorder, inconsistencies, constant changes, challenges, and struggles? You can say they are relentless distractions and a part of life. We can change that as you receive imminent guidance and new perspectives from something bigger, higher and what keeps this harmonious universe in place.

Demystify the Secrets of the Perfect Universe in Higher Awareness' Universal Law Series. Dependable, ultra-efficient, powerful Universal Laws to anchor your learning, progress and goals.

The Power of 3

Harmonize. Attract. Act and Manifest!
And more with the...

The Universe holds all, knows all, understands all and YOU WILL.
Discover a progressive and natural way of learning and growing using the ancient wisdom of the Universe.

Universal Laws are fundamental truisms that have operated perfectly since the beginning of time. They are our core TRUISMS OF LIFE - our constant, stable, and formidable truths behind our beliefs, attitudes, experiences and actions.

     ✔  Be part of this harmony, inclusiveness and perfect order
     ✔  Align with the powerful Natural Laws
     ✔  Naturally journey through life's stages and levels towards being your higher self.
     ✔  Make sense of your life from the highest level of understanding.
     ✔  Disentangle your belief system created in pre-school days
     ✔  Replace conditional, reactional, emotional, situational, old conditioning with universal truths

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