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Bridging higher to lower mind

“Life is denied by lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece.”
-- Nadia Boulanger

Did you know our minds work between two different levels, the lower and the higher?

Using only the Lower, Concrete Mind

Most of the time we use the lower, concrete mind. Our concrete mind works mainly in physical reality with facts, reason and logic. It tends to be critical, analytical, materialistic and impressionable. It can also be opinionated, limiting, overly busy and sceptical. It is very locked into time and space and linear, factual thinking.

Our lower mind struggles to make sense of a world that is so illogical, complicated and emotional. No wonder peace of mind, happiness and fulfillment in life elude us!

Tap into the Higher, Abstract Mind

The abstract mind links us with intuition, soul, spirit and aspirations. It connects with the universal, impersonal and abstract realms and truth, beauty and goodness. It speaks in a language of ideas, ideals, symbols, principles, archetypes and impulses.

To live our potential, we need to use both aspects of our mind in balance. As spiritual beings living in a human physical form, we want to open the lower mind to receive the leadership from the higher. This allows the higher, loving impressions to bridge to the lower mind for expression in the world of form. This requires concentration, discipline, meditation, study, loving service and creative expression. It asks that we consistently seek to grasp the next higher level of awareness.

Only as the concrete mind calms, focuses and becomes more receptive and loving, is it ready and able to receive the light and power from higher sources. All Higher Awareness programs are created to help us develop our higher mind.

Try the new life pyramid tool to integrate lower and higher mind. For personal and spiritual growth, we need to connect with higher concepts and energies such as values, ideas, ideals, energies, potentials, archetypes, higher guidance and our intuition. Having connected with these higher concepts, we then need to ground them into tasks, projects, relationships, health, money, happiness, details, etc.

~ John

Life Pyramid
- Connect the higher mind and concepts with the lower mind.

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Any time micro Re-Treat Yourself Process
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