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“ When I grip the wheel too tight, I find I lose control. ”
~ Steve Rapson ~

Over the past month I have been creating a new level of learning and material for our website. I found myself being too focused and busy. So I closed my eyes and asked for a symbol that would give me some insights on how to work more effectively. Two symbols came to mind – a dog and a chain. Then I immediately got it.

A dog on a long leash is close and under control yet still has some freedom. I realized I had to handle my thinking the same way: to balance focus with letting go, concentration with relaxation.

To be most effective, I want:
  • To work consciously and then allow the subconscious to put ideas together in new ways.
  • To make inner connections and then let go of my attention on the material, so I can recognize the gifts that come through outer synchronicities, ideas and miracles.
  • To intentionally create with my mind and then give myself space to allow a new level of inspiration to arise.

Eckhart Tolle says that higher guidance comes through the gaps in our thinking. If we seek to access the wisdom within us, we need to create space in our thinking and relaxation in our bodies to allow that wisdom to emerge.

Patrice and I talked about how my symbols relate to awareness. When we are dealing with a tension, challenge or conflict, we want to first consciously explore and ponder it. Then we need to let out the leash - to release our focus and open so we may receive insights that will move us to a higher understanding.

Sometimes we hold people and things too tightly. If you’re wrestling with an issue, put a long leash on it. Maintain some sense of control but give it some freedom to transform. If this process works for you, experiment with letting out even more leash. In time, can you trust your dog to run free?


Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as bird wings.
~ Rumi ~


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