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Deepen communication with this simple game

“ Every conversation is an opportunity for success. ”
~ Debra Fine ~

Hi everyone,

When you are chatting with your partner, a family member, co-worker or friend, how often do you move beyond the mundane to a discussion that is truly meaningful?

You can make your moments with others count by playing a simple little question game. It's so easy!

Start by asking the other person a question. Once they have answered, they must then pose a question back to you. You answer their question and ask another question of them. The one posing the question gets to choose whether to deepen the current topic or shift to another subject.

There is one other rule: The person speaking must be allowed to complete their thoughts without interruption. This is really important. Rarely do we have the opportunity to talk about a subject without being challenged or side-tracked.

What a blessing it is to have the time to allow deeper thoughts to surface and be expressed. What arises can enlighten the speaker as well as the listener. And when speaking is controlled in this way, both attention and intention increase and we find we listen more carefully.

Ideally, this game will encourage a balanced conversation whereby one person doesn't dominate, though for shy folks and those who love to talk, this may take some practice!

We played this game over lunch the other day and we were amazed at the quality, depth, fun and connection that arose from this simple process. It really encourages a deeper sharing, intimacy and vulnerability. We hope you'll give it a go.

John and Patrice

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“Deep listening from the heart is one half of true communication. Speaking from the heart is the other half.”
~ Sara Paddison ~

“Absolute miracles happen when I can trust enough and be vulnerable enough to get honest feelings out of my mouth to another person.”
~ Kathy Kendall ~

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John & Patrice
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