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Housecleaning for the Mind

“Writing has been a way of explaining to myself the things I do not understand.”
-- Rosario Castellanos

Do you have a problem, worry, grievance or the like continually circling around your head? Or perhaps it’s not a problem – it’s a brilliant idea forming. Nevertheless, whether your thinking is negative or positive, does it interfere and distract you from what’s at hand?

Whenever you feel burdened, confused or distracted by repeating thoughts and feelings, it’s always helpful to let them out. Easier said than done, right? Well, I’ve found an easy way to do this and I'm delighted to share it with you. I call it “Blank Page “journaling.

With a pen in hand take a few deep breaths to relax a bit. Then write out the details of your repetitive thinking. Write whatever is in your awareness: your pains, concerns, ideas, feelings, pet peeves, insights, dreams, desires … whatever pops up to be expressed. You might even jot down questions you want answered or decisions to be made.

If you have only a few minutes, writing just one short sentence or a headline summary of what’s on your mind at the time can be surprisingly helpful.

The gifts come when you get the fuzzy stuff that clouds your thinking out of your mind. Once superficial thoughts are released on paper, the mind has space to receive more appropriate and profound thoughts or questions from deeper within. With journaling, you can capture them too.

Fill a page to empty your mind of life’s negatives, trivia and mundane. If you have time, keep writing when the new thoughts begin to emerge. Then take the time to review and reflect on what you’re written. It’s only when we get the clutter out of our minds that we can, through reflection, see any relationships or themes that are calling out for our awareness and attention.

Honestly, I remain convinced that journaling is the most powerful and easily accessible tool for personal awareness and growth. If you haven’t already done so, please request our ‘Go Deeper… Reach Higher… Journaling for Self Empowerment' e-book. A complete journaling reference, it outlines everything you could want or need to discover the magic of journaling and apply it to your unique blocks and potentials.

To insightful journaling.
~ John

“How can I know what I think unless I see what I write?”
-- Erica Jong

“Writing is thinking. It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living.”
-- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Blank Page Journaling -
Empty the mind by filling a page.
One Word Essence Journaling
- No time to journal? Write just one word.
Headlining - Use creative 7 word headlines to capture the day.

A Reminder
Quarterly/Yearly Re-Treat Yourself Process
– Precious solitude to relax and reconnect with your big picture.

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