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What language will enrich your life?

“If we would have new knowledge,
we must get a whole world of new questions.”

~ Susanne K. Langer ~

Hi everyone,

How conscious are your conversations?
How mundane and superficial are your relationships?

Imagine connecting with anyone and being remembered as an empowering, interesting, caring, forward-thinking person. Imagine talks focused on new stuff instead of the old, on solutions instead of problems, and on happy experiences instead of the same old pity parties.

What's the secret? Learn a new language -- the language of great questions! Questions that draw out the best in each other. Questions that add a new dimension to your conversations. Questions that can draw on higher collective wisdom and evolution.

Think in questions!

How can questions help us get more out of life?

When we ask a meaningful question, our immensely powerful subconscious and superconscious minds go in search of answers. They draw from unlimited resources and wisdom not directly available to our conscious minds. This opens us to new opportunities and expands our experiences and consciousness.
When we don't venture beyond the known, we live in our past patterns and this becomes more and more boring. Worse, our life energy drops. We need to break free periodically from what's familiar to experience being truly alive.

Think about this for a moment: When we make a statement, we affirm what is. Questions, on the other hand, challenge us to discover what might be. They lead us to the treasure house of wisdom inside each of us.

If you want to turn problems into solutions or 'same old' into 'brand new,' remember to ask constructive, open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. A great question to use often is, “What can I learn from this situation?”

If you've asked yourself a question, create some openness and space and be alert, for the answers can be subtle and indirect. They can come from anywhere at any time. The key is to be aware: to watch and listen, and be open to new possibilities.

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Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes ~

... if you let the mind ask its questions,
then the heart will rise with the answer.

~ Bryon Katie ~

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