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Drawing Meaning from Natural Disasters

“ Nature does nothing uselessly.”
~ Aristotle ~


The devastation of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week, the earthquake in New Zealand and the mudslides in Brazil have heightened our awareness of the incredible power of nature and of our vulnerability. In the wake of such destruction, we usually ask, "Why did this happen?"

We want to share with you today excerpts from a 'Soul Perspective' by Andrew Schneider because it helps to answer this question. Andrew explains:

"We always look for meaning in what occurs that is out of the ordinary because we intuitively sense that everything must have a purpose ... individually as well as collectively. …

"Giving a meaning to something is interpreting it in a way that touches the soul and reveals something of the intelligence, love or power of life that motivates a person to live more in alignment with reality or truth. …

"We use the term 'natural disasters.' What does this mean? First of all, the events we refer to are natural, which means that they follow the laws of nature, the laws of cause and effect. If we do not follow universal laws we create chaos or destruction. The word ‘disaster’ means ‘away from, or without, the stars.’ The suggestion is that something occurs which is not aligned with the highest. When we act without reference to the highest - universal laws and principles, the wisdom of soul - we are not aligned, which then causes unwanted consequences.

"It is very obvious that there is a great need on this planet for much better relationships, and all of us are part of the solution to fulfill that need. And we cannot do that without soul-based thinking and opening our hearts. We can let nature show us what can happen when we do not care about the consequences of our thoughts and actions. The resulting suffering is a wake-up call to all of us.

"What happens in nature happens within humanity. What happens in part of the world happens in the entire world, for it is one body and we are part of it. What happens in your life happens within humanity. Everyone suffers when some of us suffer. Everyone benefits when some of us open our hearts. We are one."

Andrew and Bonnie Schneider offer guidance on raising soul consciousness on their website, The Soul Journey.

John and Patrice

“Nature is commanded by obeying her.”
~ Dr. Robert K. Cooper ~

The Soul Journey - Shift to a new and fulfilling level of living -- a soul consciousness level.

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