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Thinking about New Yearís resolutions? Think again!

Making New Yearís resolutions? Itís the time -- a brand new year sparks our hopes for a better life. ďIíll do things differently this year!Ē

But we hardly ever do, do we? New Yearís resolutions rarely work. For most of us, our good intentions barely survive a couple of weeks. And then we feel like failures.

But itís the process that fails, not us. Hereís why New Yearís resolutions (and some other goals) rarely succeed:

  • We make resolutions for what we think we SHOULD do, not what we really WANT to do.
  • We focus too much on our faults. This is hard on our self-esteem and deadly to our motivation.
  • We expect to unseat life-long habits overnight, and this isnít realistic. Habits are deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds and not easily changed.
  • We lack the process, tools, commitment and discipline to create positive change.

So how do we change? Consider tossing out New Yearís resolutions in favour of ongoing growth! Life and growth can be steady partners.

A new year reminds us that we can make a fresh start, but really, we can start fresh every day. If we miss making a shift in January, the whole year isnít lost! Learn the basic steps to change and growth. Stay in touch with our site and these emails for more process, tools and inspiration.

ďIf we donít change, we donít grow. If we donít grow, we are not really living.Ē
-- Gail Sheehy

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