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Resisting or Allowing? A Simple Choice for Life

ďThe world offers itself to me in a thousand ways, and I ache with an awareness of how infrequently I am able to receive more than a small fraction of what is offered, of how often I reject what is because I feel it is not good enough.Ē
-- Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Lately, Iím becoming more and more conscious of two completely different ways of being: resisting and allowing.

By really paying attention to myself, I can sense when Iím in resistance. For me, resistance brings rigidity Ė my body feels hard, like Iím wearing psychic armour. And I also feel a tightening, a hardness to my mind, like Iím marshalling my mental defences for battle.

Not surprisingly, resistance feels negative. Most times, Iím resentful Ė although I often donít know what Iím resenting. Sometimes itís rooted in fear. It has a Ďme against themí kind of attitude.

What has been surprising is that Iím often in resistance when there hasnít been any obvious cause for that kind of reaction. Iíve discovered that being in resistance is a habit. Itís the way Iíve learned to live Ė to always be protecting myself against life, even though living this way steals my energy and my joy.

Fortunately, Iíve discovered the second word: allowing. What is allowing? Itís not controlling. Itís not forcing things to be my way or even just wishing things were my way. Itís letting life be just as it is.

When Iím allowing, I experience a softness in my being. The armour is gone; I feel safe and relaxed. This is where peace, contentment and well-being arise. Iím not at war with life and thereís space of enjoy whateverís going on. It feels so good!

I can only get to allowing when I let go of judgment. I need to release my opinions that things would be better ifÖ Backing up a bit, I can only get to allowing when I become aware that Iím resisting.

For me, sensing the contrast between resistance and allowing has been an experience of awakening. And itís so simple! All I have to do is pay attention! Am I feeling armoured for battle, angry at the world, even in a very subtle way? Or am I feeling open, soft, comfortable, at ease? If Iím in resistance, I bring my attention to my breathing for a few minutes and this helps ease the tension.

Just becoming aware of the resistance often releases it. And as I practice this awareness, over and over and over again, my experience of life is lightening up. I smile more often and worry much less. Itís all Iíve ever wanted!

~ Patrice

 ďCan I be the space for this situation? Or am I resisting what is?Ē
-- Eckhart Tolle

ďWhen we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.Ē
-- Byron Katie

ďPerhaps one of troubleís greatest Ďside effectsí is that it teaches us that life is rarely the way we want it to be; rather, life is simply the way it is. And we are simply the way we are. What we need is the desire to look for the gifts in ordinary and extraordinary experiences Ė and the wisdom to accept ourselves as we are.Ē
-- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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