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“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”
~ Helen Keller ~

Hi everyone,

The problems we encounter in life play an important role in our development. As much as we may want to lay the blame outside of us, situations only upset us when something within us is out of alignment with our true nature. Mentally, emotionally and physically, we are operating from incorrect information.

So problems help us grow! Any time we get upset, life is letting us know that we have a faulty belief that's holding us back. Like it or not, pain gets our attention. If we want to be rid of the pain, we must be willing to find our truth and clear our blocks. We need to focus inside, not out.

How do we do this? Our block busting program guides you through a seven step process to address and heal life challenges:

  1. Define your problem - build a foundation
  2. Feel your experience - go beyond the mind and defenses
  3. Explore deeper meaning - connect with the cause
  4. Take responsibility for your situation - be accountable!
  5. Learn the soul lesson - what is the higher meaning and essence?
  6. Heal yourself - through acceptance, forgiveness and surrender
  7. Take action - anchor your new learning.

While at first glance this process may look onerous, at essence it's a natural process of shifting our perspective so we can see the bigger picture. Any time we can see a bigger picture, we can find meaning in our situation. This empowers us and transforms our experience of the problem.

It's important to realize that we always hold the power to improve our experience of any situation that arises in our lives. And typically, when we address the root cause of one challenge, we see improvements in all areas of our life.

Master your own healing process so it can be used any time in your life. Master the process of continuously knowing yourself more deeply and healing the layers of emotional and mental patterns that hold you back.

What in you is asking to be healed right now? Review your know yourself hot list or personal development plan and identify what's most important right now that is holding you back. As we release the anchors that hold us back, we naturally move forward in living our full potential.

John and Patrice

"Believe that problems do have answers. Believe that they can be overcome. Believe that they can be handled. And finally, believe that you can solve them.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

Self Healing and Block Busting – Build self esteem and break through challenges

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Any time micro Re-Treat Yourself Process – Reap the benefits of awareness pauses.

John & Patrice Robson
John & Patrice
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