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Getting something from nothing

“Manifestation is the act of making something invisible visible. It is the act of turning something abstract into something concrete and something potential into something real.”
~ David Spangler ~

Hi everyone,

In all our programs on Higher Awareness, we repeatedly assure you that all guidance, ideas and the answers to the questions of your life lie within you. The site offers an abundance of tools to support you in using your conscious mind to plumb your subconscious and higher consciousness for new insights, and this is always helpful.

We also hold the power to receive answers from beyond our physical minds. We can tap the indescribable brilliance of what scientists call the quantum field and what religion calls God. We can receive insights from the unmanifest, from no-thing.

There's an art to receiving this guidance and it's well worth the time to master this process.

Explore these three steps for how to experience and create what you want.

Set the stage, prepare the soil

Set an intention. Pose to yourself a problem to solve, an idea to develop or something to manifest. Then reflect on it. Let your mind play with making mental connections. Brainstorm. Use both your imagination and lateral thinking. Expand and streeetch your thinking. Also get your body involved. Experience what your focus feels like. Create a web of connections and experiences as a fertile bed to receive new inspirational seed thoughts.

Sense the essence, accept the seeds

Now for something completely different. Quiet yourself. Relax by watching your breathing. Pose your situation again then let it go. Turn your mental computer off so you can rest in stillness and silence. You don't need to make anything happen. Open to allow universal intelligence to offer an essence, a quality, concept or feeling. Be patient. Allow the subtle potentials, wonder, unintelligible whispers, vibes, callings, energies, visions, feelings and essences to arise. Allow whatever happens to unfold at its own pace and in its own way. Just observe.

Tend to the garden

Now using your mind again, ground this experience. Put clothes on it. Add your words. Discuss it. Draw it. Visualize it. Reflect on it. Write it out. Give it meaning. Add new connections.

Practice this process as it is powerful. The more you can relax, play and have fun with the steps, the more fruitful it will be. Trying too hard effectively shuts down our access to these subtle energies.

It is also good to do this process a few times for each focus. Become a master of bringing higher guidance into meaningful form.

Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment.
~ Robert Collier ~

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.
~ Otto Rank ~

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