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Be Aware of Stress

“... life never calms down long enough for us to wait until tomorrow to start living the lives we deserve."
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Our bodies are genetically programmed to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode when we feel threatened. Unfortunately, many of us today live in ‘fight or flight’ mode all the time. Stress has become our natural way of being.

This is very hard on our bodies physically. It’s also hard to feel happiness, appreciation, fun, compassion, generosity and other wonderful qualities when we’re always stressed out.

Are you in the habit of always being stressed? Check in regularly with your body with these steps:

  • Stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and tune inside.
  • Ask yourself, "How does my body feel?" Scan from head to toe.
  • Really feel your body. Be there with your experience.
  • Choose to be at ease.
  • Breathe deeply to relax your body and mind.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t instantly relax. You’ll be moving in the right direction. It takes time to build new habits.

Our quality of life improves dramatically when we learn how to live more easily. We are strongest, healthiest and most capable when our bodies are relaxed and open so energy flows through us.

Through awareness, we can begin to consciously choose ease and effortlessness rather than upset at any time. And wow, does life improve when we begin to master this one!

“"If we could learn how to balance rest against effort, calmness against strain, quiet against turmoil, we would assure ourselves of joy in living and psychological health for life."
-- Josephine Rathbone

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