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How the Body Thinks and Feels

"As neuroscience is beginning to acknowledge:
       • Our thoughts matter.
       • Our thoughts literally become matter."
-- Joe Dispenza

Have you ever pondered the part your physiology plays in the ongoing drama of how you do life? I certainly hadn’t, so I was intrigued and amazed to discover the body’s role in shaping our personality and how we do life.

Joe Dispenza explores this subject in great detail in his book, 'Evolve Your Brain.' Here is just one small glimpse into how we function.

We experience a thought when a specific neural pathway in the brain gets activated. As an example, I might think, "I need more money." This thought may or may not be true, by the way, but if this neural pathway exists in the brain, the thought may appear.

Every thought we think produces a bio-chemical reaction in the brain that then sends chemical signals to the body that trigger a feeling. The frequencies of the thought and the feeling match. If I think, "I need more money," the feeling would likely be anxiety or fear.

The brain then notices the feeling of fear in the body, and this triggers another matching thought like “I’m poor.” A feedback loop has been created. In effect, thinking creates feeling, and then feeling creates thinking, and around and around it goes.

The more we think the same thoughts, which then produce the same chemicals that cause the body to have the same feelings, the more we physically become hooked to this pattern. Over time, the sum of our dominant thinking and feeling patterns determines how we are in the world. As Dispenza says, "What we think about and the energy or intensity of these thoughts directly influences our health, the choices we make, and, ultimately, our quality of life."

Knowing this, we can grasp how important it is to be aware of the quality of our thinking. Stick with us! Awareness is our specialty and we have an exciting new program in the works.

~ Patrice

"Change and evolution are all about breaking the habit of being ‘you.'"
-- Joe Dispenza

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