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“Nothing is easy to the unwilling.”
-- Thomas Fuller

Hi everyone,

No one could ever say that life on Planet Earth is easy. The human journey is fraught with challenges and distress. At the same time, there is more guidance available now than ever before on how to manage our life journeys so we can move through the obstacles with increasing ease and revel in the abundant delights here to be savoured. Are you willing to open to this possibility?

When our lives are dominated by pain, addictions, fears, anger, co-dependency, martyrdom, victimhood, depression, etc., we are unconsciously caught up in our stories. We react to events, to other people and to our own thoughts and moods according to old self sabotaging and limited karmic patterns. Life seems like a downward spiral and the light of hope gets dimmer.

This way of living is not wrong or bad! If this is your experience at present, please let go of any tendency to judge yourself, feel guilty or ashamed and beat yourself up. It simply is what it is. There's no question that it is painful, though, and if youíve had enough of the pain, we assure you that you have options.

In fact, if youíre reading this now, take heart that you are ready for something new and much better!

If we are willing to take responsibility for our own experience, to begin to stop blaming others or ourselves and to fall back on excuses, we can begin to affect a shift. If we are willing to look objectively at our own behaviour - to examine our thoughts and our feelings, we gain the power to make new choices. For example, if I catch myself blaming someone, I can choose to stop that line of thinking and instead consider how I can do something constructive to make a difference.

Itís this step by step opening through awareness that lifts us out of unconscious reactions and ruts and sets us firmly on empowering new paths.

As they say, success builds success. When we commit to create change by being willing to learn some new skills, we reap the rewards. These positive outcomes generate momentum that makes it that much easier to take another new step. There is hope. We notice our attitudes becoming more optimistic and we can sense new strength in our character. Life takes on a new sense of adventure.

The keys to successful living lie in self-awareness so we can see the old story and consciously choose another. If you are ready for something better, then tap into sources of inspiration. Explore tools to support you in building the self-awareness and self- acceptance that will bring in the gold for you. Our Higher Awareness site is chock-full of both inspiration and tools to develop self awareness.

John and Patrice

“What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter.”
-- Peter F. Drucker


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