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What is Consciousness?

Understand consciousness and you will
understand your life and the world!

consciousness keys

This 6 email series will support you in understanding consciousness and why it is so important.

Finally, you can make sense of your life and how you fit into the big picture.

To make it easier to understand, this short email series will explore:

  • What is Consciousness?
  • A Consciousness Creation Story
  • How to Elevate Consciousness
  • How to Create Consciousness
  • Metaphors, Signs, and Blocks of Consciousness

Also receive a cheat sheet, worksheet, and tracking sheet (all on one page)
so you can monitor your new understanding and
how you are evolving through your consciousness journey.

Explore in your life what is real and not real.
Learning new knowledge, moving around emotional energy,
 and creating new disciplines, most often
 do not lead to shifting your level of consciousness.
See how who you are and your perceptions become your consciousness.

Understanding and elevating your level of consciousness
 is key to manifesting your ideal life and who you were meant to be.

Learn the differences between awareness and consciousness.
Stop spinning your wheels. Now work in the realms of cause instead of effects.

Learn how consciousness is systemic and as you
elevate it in one area of your life, it affects most areas of your life.

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