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Consciousness Shifters

Multiple series of short emails that progressively journey you through 3 levels of raising consciousness from different perspectives or by new ways of thinking.

spiritual developmentRaising consciousness does not happen all at once. There are steps to be more open, inclusive, loving, wise, powerful, intuitive, and the list goes on. Life is first about unlearning and healing blocks and having multiple paths come together to a unifying, purposeful, meaningful, fulfilling life.

Are you ready to work on your life long journey to more purpose, guidance, spiritual connection, meaning, joy, intuition, service, love, freedom, power, etc.?

We first recommend that you take our 3 month flagship program 'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program. Once you have experienced 3 levels of growth, you can choose the right tool, approach or theme below to review and anchor your awesome, important life journey.

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." -- James Allen

As a member, you have access to the Consciousness Shifters below and everything on our Higher Awareness website -- over 40 programs and 250 resources.  It's like instantly having your own personal growth library of solutions!

Life Planning Binder - For your New WAYS of Thinking for New TIMES.  Serious about your growth? Where do you keep your worksheets, goals, ideal 'Dream Calendar', Life-on-a-Page, daily practices, journals, COFFEE questions/answers, learnings, cheat sheets and lots more. Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly activities. Now, everything in one, 'GO TO' place. Print your pages, put them in a binder and you can sit anywhere, inside and outside, and work your evolution and creations.
  • Starter Binder Pages and Instructions - Print these core pages, get 5 dividers, put them all in a 3 ring binder, and start recreating your life.
  • My Personal Dashboard - Daily, get a sense of order, healing, intuition, direction,  and clarity.
  • My Ideal Dream Calendar - Idealize your day, week, month and year - all on one page. So nothing falls through the cracks.
  • My 3 Step Life Plans - Internalize your own 3 word, memorable, meaningful and magical plans.
  • Life Tracking Page - Clarify your starting point today and track you growth, results, and evolution.
  • Happy Dumping Ground - Just Journal Daily - Even if it is one word, a 7 word headline, a paragraph or more. Draw out your inner wisdom.
  • Soul Separators 'Awaken Awareness CARDS' - A quick, easy, real time way to capture what blocks you from truth, authenticity and miracles.
  • My Power Hour - Start with daily 'Magical Minutes' of your best tools that are so magical, you expand them into your ultimate 'power hour'.
  • My Goals and Bucket List - What do want to be, do and have? Think BIG as we train you to manifest your dreams.
  • My TOT, Creed, and Intentions - Call it what you want. It works. Activate your 'Reticulating Activator System'. We will show you why. -- AND MORE TO COME

coffee questions

COFFEE Questions - Take just 5 to 10 minutes with a beverage of your choice in a quiet uninterrupted space and complete our top 9 questions so you get perspective, clarity, direction, and your next steps in life from 6 perspectives. See it as your 10 minute retreat.  It may be your most empowering, insightful, peaceful 10 minutes of the day, week and month. YOU will receive a series of 6 emails:
  • Daily COFFEE Questions - Put your day under a microscope for improving focus, productivity, completions and decision making.
  • Weekly COFFEE Questions - Regroup in a natural personal cycle and explore efficiency, vulnerability, creativity, relationships and goal tracking.
  • Monthly COFFEE Questions - Put on your binoculars and look at a bigger picture of healing, balance, learning, direction and aspirations.
  • Quarterly COFFEE Questions - Pull out your telescope and look afar at your life lesson, life purpose, dreams, holidays, meaning and service.
  • Yearly COFFEE Questions - Take half a day and do a major life review and planning session,  Have your own quality DIY retreat and celebration.
  • NOW COFFEE Questions - How we do our day we do our life, so pay attention daily and have some powerful personal daily practices.

The Needs Tree - Whatever your core need is right now we have multiple solutions, tools, inspiration, smart questions, perspectives and choices for you to reach solution, fulfillment and happiness. Whether it is blocks or aspirations we can support you. There is a lot of content on our site. This is a prime way to 'Find Your Own Need and Fill It'.

Models of Life

Models of  Life - Do you have a simple philosophy of life? Most of us do not - till now. Explore these models that illustrate the key growth factors with simple graphics.
  • Life Planning MAP - A Life Journey starting point. Where are you on your consciousness journey? Rate and track your level of growth and integration. Update it monthly. We will even remind you.
  • 'O' MODEL of Life - Look at life in another way in more detail - The Circle of Life. From the conditioning through our youth to ego's self-centeredness through a MAGIC point where you start to develop more power, wisdom, love and purpose on your journey home.
  • 'A' MODEL of Life - One of my most powerful and revealing concepts of how life works day to day. How all the good, guidance, abundance, love, etc. must come THROUGH the subconscious filters and distortions.
  • More to Come ...
Awakening Awareness CARDS - One of our most powerful tools. Use a 3 column recipe/index cards multiple times per day to capture revealing insights for soul separators, healing, aspirations, purpose and manifesting. Receive major insights, guidance and answers in as little as hours.
  • Stop Self Sabotaging - Catch and change the many phrases you say that distort your higher guidance and limit your life experiences and dreams.
  • Bust Blocks - What ticks you off? What makes you angry? Capture and change your pet peeves that steal your joy and freedom.
  • Ignite Your Intuition - Soul guidance is available 24/7.
  • Manifesting Influencers Revealed - We are manifesting perfectly all day. But why not what we truly desire?
  • More to Come ...

universal laws

Universal Laws - Experiencing disorder, inconsistencies, constant changes, challenges, and struggles? We can change that. As you receive imminent guidance from something bigger, higher and what keeps this harmonious universe in place for ages... you can take your rightful place in it. Be part of this harmony and perfect order because you innately are from birth. Align not just by knowledge but with it as you begin to fully understand your place in it.

The 4 main laws we cover are:

  • #1 - Universal Law of Oneness - All is energy. All is connected.
  • #2 - Universal Law of Duality and Attraction - Open to healing the tensions of dualities and differences from a higher perspective.
  • #3 - Universal Law of Action & Cause and Effect - Ways to materialize your most treasured ideas, visions, and aspirations.
  • #4 - Universal Law of Correspondences, Rhythm and Cycles - Learn how cycles interact so you can naturally be in a flow of handling the ups and downs of life.

Finding Feelings and Emotions

The Feeling Finder - Explore your distinctions and range of emotions, thinking and behaving. Choose from over 100 ways of experiencing life - What you have felt, how you fell now and what you aspire to - from fear to love, from ignorance to wisdom, and from victim hood to powerful service. As an engineer this was my life saviour to get out of my rational mind into feeling life.


More Consciousness SHIFTERS to come. - Life MAPS, Life Journey Summaries, 3 Life Purposes, 6 Life Cheat Sheets, Truths