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"Change is inevitable, growth is intentional."
-- Glenda Cloud

Are you dedicated to your own personal growth, to finding and living your authentic nature and expressing your life purpose?

Well, personal and spiritual growth is a life-long journey.

It takes time ...

  • to become aware of our defenses and how they trap us in patterns that no longer serve us.
  • to become aware of our thinking and our feelings so we can become responsible for creating the lives we want.
  • to build self esteem and own who we are.
  • to reconnect with the dreams we once had. To really discover our life purpose and begin to live it.
  • to elevate your consciousness level and create (manifest) consciousness.
  • It takes time ... and consistent support!

We need knowledge and guidance to help us continually reassess our lives from new and higher perspectives.
We need inspiration to cheer us on when the going gets rough.
We need to know the best questions to ask ourselves so we can find our own answers.
We need encouragement to ask ourselves those same questions over and over again. Because it's this process of self-exploration that will connect us more deeply to our essential nature.

The Higher Awareness Collection of self help books and email programs offers you that continuous support. Support to serve you for a lifetime.

With the Higher Awareness Collection of self help books, you'll have your own personal and spiritual growth library that includes workbooks, exercises, hundreds of resources and tools, and email support - all available at the click of a mouse when you need them. With our support emails, you'll have your own in-house coach to give you the consistent prompting you need to grow and change.

And you are never left on your own. We answer all of your questions.

You can repeat any course over and over again and still get value and new results. As you change, your answers to the questions will change as well. With our guidance, you'll continually spiral deeper into unconscious patterns for deep healing. And you'll spiral upwards to embrace and express more and more of who you truly are.

The more you use and repeat the programs, the more your awareness expands. The more your life will open in magical ways!

The Higher Awareness Collection of self help books offers personal and spiritual growth resources to address the many challenges that repeatedly surface throughout our lives.

Questioning who you are and what to do next?

Master basic skills, empower your personality and grow spiritually.  We have the right online self help courses for you.

Our 18 self help books and email programs are accompanied by daily support emails for at least one month. With more exercises, tips and inspiration, they help you cultivate discipline, success, inspiration and quality results. You are never left on your own.

Online Self Help books and programs for immediate download:

Uncertain about who you are and your next step? Want clarity, authenticity and growth? Take:

  • 'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program - The 'best of the best' of all of our content, put into one flagship program that journeys you through 3 levels of consciousness, that most of us are traveling - especially today.
  • Consciousness Journeys - Shorter 14-day series for fast track reviews of transformation and manifesting tips and truths.
  • Know Yourself - A workbook to clarify your gifts, talents, life challenges and how you experience your personality and soul. The more you know and express your authentic self, the more meaning, joy and fulfillment you will have in your life.

Feeling scattered, stuck, procrastinating? Want balance, peace of mind and order? Take:

  • Time Management - Make the most of your life. Resolve what is behind your procrastination, busyness and perfection. Create discipline to STOP and be aware. Receive lots of tips and tools.
  • Goal Setting Worksheets - Set meaningful goals, make better use of your time, stay on track and get more done more easily. Accomplish what's most important. Stay organized and focused.
  • Achieving Goals by Tracking your Success and Growth - Track your success to attain clarity, focus, meaning and results. We'll help you consistently maintain attention and intention. Choose from 11 efficient success tracking tools.

Going through a period when you are you fearful, angry, with low self-esteem? Needing to find courage, hope and joy? Take:

  • Block Busting - Master a 7 step spiritual approach to healing life's deepest problems and building self esteem. Become conscious of and release the unconscious programs and fears that cause pain. Attain new levels of self-acceptance and personal responsibility.
  • Building Self Confidence by Writing Your Own Life Story - Draw on 10 easy-to-use self-understanding tools. Put meaning and ownership into your life.
  • A Journey of Self Awareness - We benefit from frequent reminders of these little gems to awaken to new dimensions of who we are! This inspirational email series will help you go beyond your self-imposed limits to access happiness and peace of mind. If you learn just one thing, let it be higher awareness.

If you are ready to commit to positive life changes and also receive access to 17 other programs and hundreds of resources for a low monthly fee or invest in yourself and save as a yearly or life member.

time management skills

Struggling with negativity, boredom, worries? Want more trust and creativity? Take:

  • Creative Thinking - Find more ways to get what you want. One tip alone will triple your creativity. You'll solve problems and create more options quickly. Learn 10 easy creativity tools.
  • Journal Writing - An ongoing adventure in self discovery! You'll access your own inner wisdom by tapping into the unconscious and intuition. Effective for releasing stress, blocks and negative emotions. Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for self-knowledge.
  • Developing Intuition - Intuition is a path to healing, spirituality and our personal evolution. Tap into your own inner wisdom. Unlock your inner guidance that knows the way.

Does your life feel empty, meaningless? Want purpose and guidance? Take:

  • Finding Life Purpose - Create and fine-tune a personal vision statement for your life. Identify your motivation, values, qualities and talents. We help you draw out your purpose and what brings you meaning and fulfillment. And be aware that this changes over time as we mature!
  • Daily Spiritual Living - Email reminders to experience your divinity here and now. Develop your higher mind for improved spiritual connection. Learn the tips and traps for more joy, love and service.
  • Learn Meditation Methods  - Explore quick relaxation, focused concentration, insightful meditation, enlightening contemplation and blissful illumination. Open up to peace of mind, balance and harmony. This progressive 6-month weekly email exploration of proven approaches to meditation provides a foundation for a life-long meditation practice.
  • Activating Joy, Love and Happiness -  Experience ways to go beyond conditional happiness to the blissful state of joy. As you resonate with joy, you automatically draw to you a more meaningful, healthy, loving life.
  • Grow Yourself - Reassess your growth path with this spiritual healing workbook. We'll support you to go to the next level of understanding from wherever you are at the moment.

Want to move beyond indebtedness and insecurity? Want more abundance and security? Take our extensive workbook and 90 days of emails that progressively improve your prosperity consciousness in 3 levels:

  • Money Management - Your first foundational step on the road to prosperity. Clarify your relationship with money. Develop key money skills.
  • Thinking Prosperity - Identify your victim and power issues around money. Identify and replace limiting beliefs that stop you from experiencing abundance. Draw on your passion to magnetize prosperity to you.
  • Manifesting Abundance - Learn the spiritual and natural laws of abundance. Distinguish soul needs from personality desires. Explore how to raise your consciousness and magnetism. Redefine success and what abundance means to you.

Uncertain about which online training program from the self help books to take first? Complete the free 'next step' worksheet at "What is my next growth step?"

If you are ready to commit to positive life changes and also receive access to 17 other programs and hundreds of resources for a low monthly fee or invest in yourself and save as a yearly or life member..

time management skills

Read what others have told us:

I am taking Goals for a Year, as well as the (Journey of) Awareness .... I am especially impressed by the Awareness so far -- it's fascinating and full of great suggestions. Thank you so much for this wonderful service!

- JS -

A quick message to let you all know how worthwhile and valuable this series is to me. Direct, informative, and diverse.... the information is applicable on many different levels with wonderful opportunities for understanding ourselves and others and recognizing the spiritual and emotional connection we all share.

- BC -

Where did you learn to do this?? Every morning I come to work to find my mind still buzzing from the confusion of the situations of my life & each day (or second at least) you send me an email that explains it & how I should deal with it. Your emails have been invaluable... & I thank you.

- GB -

I couldn't wait to read the daily messages to get my bolster of support. Yes I completed the workbook, and found it very helpful. Since I have started doing my journaling/exploration work using your tools, I have noticed that I have been able to recapture my ability to rely on my insight, and pay heed to my pretty intuitive gut. I have re-evaluated some of my difficulties that I have experienced in the recent past, and noted that I was receiving gut level signals that I brushed aside each time.

- PB -

Our SELF HELP BOOKS and PROGRAMS are uniquely designed to:

  • progressively develop skills, thinking and spirituality
  • draw out your own inner wisdom
  • develop willpower and discipline
  • expand awareness, understanding, creativity and intuition
  • increase motivation and success and reduce stress and anxiety
  • shift your subconscious mind so it works for you
  • cultivate discipline and consistent intention
  • create change at a deep inner level so you can BE more and naturally DO and HAVE more

Master basic skills, heal wounds, release fears, empower your personality and grow spiritually - when you want - all with The Higher Awareness Collection.